The Sin Of Pride.

“The world is at my feet.” These were the unfortunate words uttered by Stephen Jeffries, one of the most powerful healing evangelists who ever lived. He had so much power demonstrated in his ministry, he had so much money that he started to believe his own hype: that he was better than everybody else. Jeffries ended very badly. He died a very miserable man.
When you get to the place where you think you are successful, you have the name, you have the crowds, you have money, you have big buildings and you think you are now the most powerful minister alive, you are teetering dangerously by an open abyss and another false step will see you fall into it. Better people have come before and fell because of the sin of pride. Watch your thoughts, your words and your steps less you fall.

Pride is a dangerous weapon used by the enemy against the saints of God. We should resist the spirit of pride and stay humble no matter how big, rich or successful we become in life.


Praise George. December 2020

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