Dare To Stand Alone.

It is okay to disagree with me or anybody else.
It is okay to say you don’t like this or like that.
It is okay to have your own views about an issue or a situation.

In fact, I like it when you disagree with me, it shows that your brain is not there for decoration, you actually use it to think.

We cannot all agree on the same issues. If we all agreed on ALL issues, that means some of us are not thinking, probing, questioning things as they are.

However I like people who disagree with strong facts and evidence. Don’t just follow the crowd because their opinion is more acceptable and popular. Do not follow a person because he or she is famous, rich, powerful or has a big crowd or building.

Never be scared to be different, to stand alone, to speak your mind, to follow your own beliefs because you are deeply persuaded.

You should understand that it is the men and women who disagree with the majority, who refuse to conform to the herd mentality, who stand for something no matter how unpopular it is, these are the people who eventually change the world.
You will be fine.
Praise George. December, 2020.

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