Learn To Follow The Holy Spirit.

Learn To Follow The Holy Spirit.

Many years ago a man was about to get married but on the day of the traditional wedding, he refused to show up for the ceremony.
The bride’s family sent emissaries to him to beg him to show up because guests were already gathered at the venue. The man refused to leave his house. They sent more emissaries and at 5pm that day he turned up for the wedding.
The man did not want to go ahead with that wedding. That was the RESTRAINT of the Holy Spirit, holding him back, cautioning him, giving him a warning, but he listened to the voices of men rather than obey the voice of God.

That marriage was hell for that man. It was one problem after another. After a few years the woman divorced him. She never wanted a husband. All she wanted was children and as soon as she had her children she got rid of the man. He went through many challenges and died at the prime of his life.

This is a true life story. I know that man and I also know the lady involved. The woman was not evil or wicked. They were not just meant for each other. They were never meant to get married. They were never meant to be together. When you are with someone you are not meant to be with all you will see is their weaknesses and bad side. You will never see or enjoy anything good in them.

When the Holy Spirit restrained him, he disobeyed and went ahead with that wedding and that marriage ruined his life. He died at the age when he ought to be doing great things with his life and left behind his young children. Perhaps he wanted to please the people who came to plead with him, or please his family members, but he disobeyed the Holy Spirit. He could have avoided the tragedy he experienced if he had listened to and followed the instructions of the Holy Spirit.

Ladies and gentlemen, when the Holy Spirit tells you NOT to go ahead with your plan, be obedient and don’t go ahead with it. It does not matter how much money you have spent on that project, do not do it. Some of you have invested millions in a church, business, project but the Holy Spirit has been telling you NOT to go ahead with it. Listen and follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit. It wll save you from years of pain and deliver you from tragedy. There are things that only the Holy Spirit can see and when He reveals them to you, learn to be obedient. Someone said ‘late obedience is still disobedience.’ Learn to obey early and follow the Holy Spirit. When God tells you to let go of something or someone, it is because God has a better plan for you, a plan that will come with His peace, protection, provision and blessings.
You will be fine.
Praise George.  October, 2020


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2 responses to “Learn To Follow The Holy Spirit.

  1. Brother James

    Timeless Advice to all who would have a fulfilled life:learn to follow the Holy Spirit. But Sir, what if one disobeyed the Holy Spirit and later realized that he was done for it, can there be a chance (second chance) for such a person to have his steps retraced in other to make amends and follow the instructions? Can it be possible?

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