Why Are Some Pastors So WICKED?

Some of the meanest, wicked, most heartless people I have met in my over five decades on this planet have been pastors and ministers of the gospel.

Before you start cursing me, let me finish.
Read Ezekiel 8:5-18, where Ezeliel found great wickedness and sin inside the temple being practiced by the elders of Israel.

Let me tell you a SAD story.
Several years ago, a friend of mine worked with a mega pastor in Lagos for about five years. When he was about to leave, the mega pastor took back his car, ejected him from his apartment with EXTREME PREJUDICE! It was like they were ENEMIES.

The mega pastor lived like an emperor in the best part of town, he owned many luxury cars, had several real estate investments in the city, but he could not allow this young pastor to exit the ministry and start his own ministry in peace.

I have seen some pastors come on the pulpit and lay curses on their associates who wanted to start their own ministry. They would say all kinds of malicious things against them just because they decided to take their destiny into their own hands and step out in faith.

All these pastors who are very good at laying curses also left some other ministries and started their own, why should it be different fot the people who served with them? why should they make life difficult for people who have invested a large portion of their lives growing their ministries?

Why is the heart of man so full of wickedness?
Why can’t you wish another person well and pray for them to rise and fulfill their calling, assignment and purpose?
Why do you lay curses on men and women who served you faithfully for many years?

This is NOT the nature and character of Christ.

Some years ago a pastor who had served a mega pastor since the inception of his ministry decided to leave and start his own ministry. This pastor was based in Abuja, Nigeria. He served faithfully for about twenty years, even built a large church for the ministry. But when it was time to exit the ministry, the mega pastor went completely CRAZY. He laid curses on his associate pastor and said many malicious things against him. There was even a clause in his contract that he would not start a church until two years AFTER he has left the ministry and would not locate his ministry close to the church of this mega pastor.
What kind of MADNESS is this?
Why do some pastors act as if they own the flock of Christ?
Why do they act as if all power is in their hands?
Why are some pastors so wicked and heartless?

Well the associate pastor eventually started his ministry some years ago and it is thriving today. Glory to God.

Years ago a bishop who worked with Winners Chapel in Ghana left the church and started his own ministry. Well, he also took church property with him and this made the leaders of Winners Chapel angry. They made so much trouble with the bishop that at one point a gun was used in the altercation! It was clear that this was no longer about Christ and the gospel but about money, buildings and the souls of men which they wanted to enslave and keep milking. It took the intervention of the president of Ghana and some elders to put an end to this insanity. I know this pastor personally and know what really happened.

Some of your papas in ministry are very wicked and heartless. Some of your papas have done some things which will make sinners look very holy compared to them. Some of your papas are so materialistic that they would do almost anything to protect their financial empire.

If you are in ministry, decide TODAY that this wickedness will END with you, that you will RELEASE anyone who works with you, BLESS THEM and let them go and pursue their ministry in peace. Decide to be the one who will make a difference and show that ministry is about raising people, adding value to people, changing lives and making a difference in the world.

Christ will build his church.
Praise George, October, 2020.

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