Take Responsibility For Your Dream.

Through the years I observed that over 80% of the church leaders and pastors I worked with were very insecure. They never wanted anyone to shine more than them, they used ‘spirituality’ to put down great dreams which threatened them and their empire.

I have NEVER stopped anyone from pursuing their dream.
I have NEVER told anyone that their dream was impossible.
I always encourage people to be all they can be. I thought all pastors were like me but I was wrong.
Many pastors have ruined the dream of naive people who trusted that they knew what they were talking about. Many leaders have zero idea about your calling but they are too arrogant to admit it. Instead of telling you to seek God, they try to act spiritual and control you. This is witchcraft and manipulation.

Do not seek permission from authority figures to live your dream. Take responsibility for your life and live your dream.
You will be fine.

Praise George. October 2020.

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