Money Reveals People.

Money Reveals People.

Many of you think you have good friends. In fact you resent the very thought that I dare question the loyalty of your friends. You think your friends will do anything for you if you are in a desperate situation. You think your friends will support you no matter what. You think your friends are loyal to you and nothing can shake your friendship.
But you may be wrong.

You have no idea who your friends are until they have money.
You have no idea what they are capable of doing until they have money.
You have no idea if they can be trusted until money is introduced into the equation of your friendship.
You have no idea what resides in the heart of your friends until they have money.

Poverty conceals character but money reveals people. Money brings out what poverty may have been hiding. You see, money gives you a voice to express all that has been held back by poverty. Money removes all inhibitions and gives you the confidence to express who and what you really are.

Have you heard people say: ‘this guy was humble but money changed him’? They were wrong. That guy was never humble. He was a mean, conceited, self serving, arrogant fellow but his poverty concealed it. In fact, poverty made it impossible for him to rear his head because those who had money could have silenced him. Poverty was the perfect camouflage for him to conceal his zero character. But having money gave him the boldness to reveal his true self and lay bare his true character.

Money is neutral. It is neither good nor bad. Money only MAGNIFIES strengths and weaknesses. Money empowers the wicked to do wicked things and empowers the good to do good things.
No, money is not evil. Money is very good. Money in the hands of good people can do great good. But money in the hands of evil people will cause chaos, pain and destruction in society.
You cannot afford to trust the loyalty and the humility of the poor because you have no idea what lies inside of them UNTIL money reveals it. You can only afford to trust the poor after you have tested their character with money.

Poverty conceals character, but money reveals it.
Never you forget this.

Praise George. September, 2020

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  1. Emmanuel Tetteh

    Great write up.

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