How To Write A BestSelling Book.

My latest book is titled FINDING DIRECTION. It was released last year and it is available on Amazon.

It is the best book I have written. To put this in perspective, I have written over 60 books in over twenty five years.

All the books I have written brought me to a place where I could write Finding Direction with such level of excellence. If I had not written those 60 books, I would never have been in a position to write Finding Direction. Some of those books were really good and some were not so good but through writing them I developed my craft to the level it is today.

Many of you are waiting for the day when you will write a bestseller that will shake the world but that day may never come. You have to start writing books now and develop your skillsets, then one day you will write that bestseller in you.

The good thing is that Finding Direction is not going to be my best work. I am working on several other books. The more you work on your craft, the better you will become.

The world is awaiting your manifestation.
Go do the work.
Praise George. September, 2020.

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