Prayer For Success

A Prayer For Success.
May you be delivered from the trap of the enemy.
May the light shine upon your path.
May your steps be ordered into favour.
May you meet with good today.
Your name shall be honoured.
You will walk in excellence.
May you be brought back on the track of greatness.
May the little you do produce great results.
You shall not labour in vain.
Your labour is blessed.
Your work is blessed.
Your thoughts are blessed.
Creativity flows from your soul.
Divine wisdom manifests in your life.
Those who mocked you previously shall celebrate you.
You are delivered from shame.
May you recover your crown.
May that which you lost be restored to you.
You shall shine wherever you are.
May your gifts manifest effortlessly.
Receive uncommon peace today.
May your wisdom single you out for promotion.
May your work prosper in your hands.
That which was impossible to do becomes possible now.
May you experience uncommon success, in Jesus’ Name.

Praise George.  September 2020.

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One response to “Prayer For Success

  1. bukola

    A big amen to all your prayers, sir… Thank you very much, sir. I believe i will testify in Jesus name. amen

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