Pursue Your Calling.

Dear saint,
There is no such thing as a ‘ministry of criticism,’ where you talk about other people but do absolutely nothing with your own life.
There is no such thing as ‘you are called to give,’ where you give but do nothing else.
There is no grace on anybody’s head that is better than yours.
There is no ministry, no calling that is superior to yours.
There is nobody ‘called to the nations,’ while the rest are called to ‘support and sponsor them.’ This is satanic deception.

Stop being used as pawn in the devious chess game of some brilliant, sweet talking, bible misquoting, manipulating, pulpit wolves.
Stop being a slave to be used to build the pyramids and empires of modern day pharaohs who are disguised as mega pastors.

You have a calling, pursue it.
You have an assignment, pursue it.
You have a ministry, fulfil it.
Only doers in the kingdom have rewards.
Be a doer, not just a sponsor, or support, or helper.
Go do the work of the ministry.
Christ will build His Church.
Praise George. September, 2020

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One response to “Pursue Your Calling.

  1. Genesis The undefeated


    honestly speaking; I fall in love with your writings….thank you…I’m glad you’re existing.

    love you much.

    Regards Loyce G.

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