Ministering Christ In Power.


Hello everyone, I want to share with you this message on my heart from Acts 8.


Then Philip went down to the city of Samaria and PREACHED CHRIST to them.(emphasis mine.) And the people gave heed to the things which Philip spake, hearing and seeing the miracles which he did. And there was great joy in that city. Acts 8:5-8
It is interesting to note that Philip offered them Christ, not his eloquence, oratorical skills or charisma. And the Word was confirmed with Signs and Wonders.

In verse 7, you will notice that there was a great manifestation of the supernatural-there were deliverances from demonic oppression and healings because he preached CHRIST to them.

It is sad to note that Gospel ministers have become ‘success coaches’, ‘motivational speakers’ and corporate coaches and have stopped preaching Christ on the pulpit. Men and women of God stand before you on Sunday morning and ‘talk’ motivation to a people hungry for the supernatural power of God. There’s something very wrong with this picture.

Many ministers don’t pray. They don’t have the time because they are too busy serving mammon. The pulpit has become a place for entertainment and to show off their new clothes, cars and houses. Sinners wear better clothes, drive better cars and live in better houses-it doesn’t impress the Lord. Their material possessions doesn’t mean that they are in right standing with the Lord. What impresses the Lord is our commitment to preach the simplicity of the gospel and not watered down new age rubbish and philosophy of men.

Philip preached Christ and the Lord honoured His Word with signs and wonders. After the motivational messages, the congregation feels empty, sad and more depressed than when they came in. People come to Church expecting to meet with the Lord and what we offer them is powerless motivation which CANNOT change lives. The Lord will hold every minister responsible for promoting the world and not Christ.

I was in the library of an unbeliever recently. He had over 30 books on witchcraft, wizardry, black magic and occultism. The man was submerged in satanism. His eyes were blazing like a lunatic’s and he was speaking utter nonsense. It occurred to me that no amount of ‘success coaching’ or motivational speaking will penetrate his heart. The only way to minister Christ to him will be the Bible way-preach CHRIST with demonstration of power. May the Lord give us understanding in Jesus’ Name.

I would rather be on the side of God’s power and be able to flow in the supernatural, than to be approved of men and be weak spiritually. Motivational pastors are raising weak, prayerless, powerless and purposeless Christians who depend on their own ability and not the Grace and Power of the Holy Spirit. I seek the approval of the Lord, not the approval of men. If you invite me to come and minister in your Church or ministry, I may not be eloquent or even possess oratorical skills, but you can be sure that CHRIST will be preached and His power will be present as I minister, to the glory of His Name.

Demonic entities only recognise, respond to and bow down to the superior authority and POWER of the Word and the Name of Jesus, not our nice clothes, eloquence or charisma.
Praise George. Septermber, 2020

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