God Does Not Like Cowards.

God does not like cowards.
No. God despises cowards.
It is a sin to be a coward.
The righteous is bold as a lion.
The wicked and the sinful flee when no man pursues.
Righteousness and boldness are twins.
They operate and function in the same environment.
Wherever you see righteousness, you see boldness.
Wherever righteousness is absent, you find fear, you find sin.

If you cannot stand for truth because of what you stand to lose, you are a coward and you will have your reward.
If you refuse to rebuke sin because you want to preach on big platforms and share in the loot of iniquity, you have your reward.
If standing for truth will shut all the platforms on the earth to me, so be it. If God cannot give me an audience with whom to share the truths in my heart, I will take it as my cross and carry it gallantly until the day I die.

But one thing is for sure, nobody can gag me because of a pulpit,
Mammon will not silence me because of the gains of iniquity,
I will not be caged because I want to associate with a certain group who manipulate, control and steal from millions of people.
God forbid I give up the boldness, peace and joy that comes with righteousness because of mammon.

Jeremiah 17 says it is a CURSE to put your trust in man.
My trust, confidence is in the Lord.
That is why TRUTH will never cease from my lips.
Let this also be your stand.
Praise George.  August 31, 2020


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2 responses to “God Does Not Like Cowards.

  1. Bessa-Sagoe Karl

    I believe it whatever you wrote in your statements

  2. Ahamy Abidison

    That’s true sir, saying the truth means taking a bold step in the right direction.

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