Pursue Your Calling.

We are the church.
Everyone is called.
Everyone has an assignment.
Telling people that your own assignment is to reach the world, but their own assignment is to give you their money, work like slaves for your organization, use their skill-sets to make you successful, is not only deceitful, it is unscriptural, wicked and a big lie.

If you believe some ministers have a calling, assignment or ministry that is superior to yours, you have been hypnotized. Wake up from your slumber. There is a calling ON YOUR LIFE that you must fulfil. Your calling is as important as any other calling in the body of Christ.

Stop giving money to other ministries when your own ministry needs resources. Use that money to pursue your own assignment, and if you have some more, then you can consider giving to any cause or ministry you believe in.
You will be fine.
Praise George.


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3 responses to “Pursue Your Calling.

  1. Ahamy Abidison

    Thanks Sir, but this is alitter bit confusing does it mean that believer’s shouldn’t pay tither, sow seed and give offering?

  2. julius mango

    Wow What a word 🙌🙌

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