Prayer For Success.

Prayer For Success.

May you find that which you have been searching for.
May your steps be ordered supernaturally.
May good find you today.
May you walk into uncommon opportunity.
May your destiny find you.
May the Lord grant you wisdom to excell.
May you outshine every opposition.
May your name be mentioned for promotion.
May every disfavour turn to favour you.
May your enemies help you.
May that which seems impossible become possible for you.
May the spirit of a conqueror come on you.
May you experience success where you once failed.
May your failures become a stepping stone for greatness.
May the Lord cover your head in battle.
May you be protected on every side.
May you be delivered from the hands of the wicked.
May your enemies be paralysed.
May the Lord send you helpers.
May the Lord grant you uncommon speed for achievement.
May you cease from unprofitable struggle.
May the Lord grant you wisdom for your skillsets to create value.
May your success become effortless.
May the Lord crown your every effort with success, in Jesus Name.
PraiseGeorge. August, 2020

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