Strangers Are The Key To Your Success.

Strangers Are The Key To Your Success.


I am excited to share this with you.
This could change your life.

One of the greatest lessons you will learn in life is that your success lies not in the hands of people you know or you are familiar with, but it lies in the hands of complete strangers.

Your money is hidden not in the pockets of your friends but in the pockets of strangers.
Your customers and clients are going to be strangers.
Your helpers, people who will help you manifest your dream, are not going to be people you know but they are going to be strangers.
Therefore, if you want to make progress you must learn to approach strangers and ask them for what you want.

When we were children we were warned never to talk to strangers. We were told to be very suspicious of strangers. We were told not to take anything from strangers. So, as we grew up, we kept away from strangers and had nothing to do with them unless it was absolutely necessary. This limited us because we were tied to only the people that we knew.

As we grew up we realised that if we wanted to be successful we had to deal with strangers.
Strangers bought our products.
Strangers patronized our businesses.
Strangers became our clients.
Strangers clicked on our links and bought our e-books, our courses and our webinars.
We discovered that strangers held the money we wanted. Strangers could make us rich if only we could show them the value that we have to offer them. We discovered that strangers are the key to our greatness.

If you are on social media, it is strangers who will follow you, comment on your posts, repost your posts and engage with you. If your content has ever gone viral, it was strangers who made it happen. I once had over 250,000 strangers view a video that I posted and made it go viral. Recently, strangers turned me into a celebrity on TikTok as they helped my post go viral. If you want to be successful on social media you have to allow strangers say good and bad things about you. In fact, the more bad things strangers say about you on social media, the more popular you will become. But I digress.

We cannot afford to expect people who know us to help us. They can never be enough to help us. How many people do we know? How many people among those who we know have enough resources to help us manifest our dream? Very few. But the problem for many of us is that we keep pursuing people we know, begging them, asking them for help and they keep ghosting us, taking evasive action against us because they simply do not have the resources to help us.

Your friends cannot help you.
Your parents cannot help you.
Your neighbours cannot help you.
Your church or mosque members cannot help you.
Your rich uncles and aunts cannot help you.
Social media influencers cannot help you.
The people who can really help you are STRANGERS.

Strangers don’t know you well enough to know your failures, your weaknesses, your mess-ups, your horrible past, your shame or your disgrace. Strangers will never criticise you.
Strangers are the key to having a BRAND NEW START in life!

Strangers are unlimited. You can keep talking to and marketing strangers, converting them into paying customers from now until forever. Strangers are never going to go out of fashion.

The RESOURCES and money you need are in the hands of strangers.
Forget the people you know. Start speaking to strangers. Bring value to the table. Make them an offer they cannot refuse. Make your VALUE irresistible. Bring strangers solutions, answers, value and STRANGERS will reward you with success and wealth.

You will be fine.
Praise George, August 20/8/20

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3 responses to “Strangers Are The Key To Your Success.

  1. Ahamy Abidison

    Basically speaking “truth is a land mark that can’t be erased”. Thanks for taking me forward to my place in destiny. More grace Sir.


    Kindly send me ” how to positi

  3. Sunday Gambo

    Thank you so much sir, I am bless, may God continue to bless you as you continue to bless our generation.

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