Trust In Divine Providence.

Dear Minister,

If the Lord called you into ministry, obey and follow his instructions. All your needs will be met. He can meet your needs through business, a job or use RAVENS as he did to Elijah.

If all the people in your city refuse to support you, the Lord will send help from elsewhere. The Lord will give you a money making idea to create value. God will always make a way for you.

An evangelist had a meeting in a small town. During the meeting he ministered to a lady who gave her life to Christ and was healed. At the end of the 5 day meeting, the woman came to the meeting with her husband and they sat behind.
The meagre offering was collected and the evangelist saw one check for $1m and a few dollars. He was surprised. Who gave him $1m in this village he wondered.

Well, it turned out that the woman who was healed and saved went home and told her husband that she was born again. In those five days her whole character had changed. Her husband was SHOCKED at the transformation in her character. He came to the meeting to see who had done this glorious thing to his wife. He was so moved that he wrote that check and gave it to the minister. The man was a multimillionaire and the Lord moved him to give without manipulation or coercion.

Dear minister,
Obey God.
Follow God.
Pursue your assignment.
Walk in integrity.
Speak the truth no matter the cost.
God will do exceedingly above your highest expectations.
You will be fine.

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