Learn To Keep Your Mouth Shut.

Many of you ask friends for advice on your dream.

It is a terrible mistake.

Many will want you to remain at your current level until the day you die. It is the monkey mentality. They will never help you rise.

Keep your mouth shut.
Work in silence.
Show results.

Less than 10% of your friends will make something outstanding out of their lives. The rest will remain at an ordinary level until they die.

It is proven by research.

Many do not have the capability to see the possibilities and future you see, so they will hold you back.

In The 50th Law Of Power by Robert Green and 50cent, Green said majority of people only struggle to survive. They cannot see beyond one year at most.

But real champions can see and plan beyond that.

How can you ask advice from people who cannot see what you see?

I was in the USA. I wanted to go Los Angeles from where I was. I asked someone what to do.

Because the person had never been to LA even though he lived in the USA, he gave me terrible advice.

People who have never been where you want to go will sabotage you.
Never you forget this.

Praise George. August, 2020.


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3 responses to “Learn To Keep Your Mouth Shut.

  1. Isiteketo Sikombwa

    Its true Praise George very powerful word. God bless you.

  2. Ahamy Abidison

    Thanks so much sir for your advice, that’s really the manner in which the world is. Severally I have been trying to keep some word to myself because of how I feel about situations I passed through as a result of this kind of friends and family around me. Indeed am grateful.

  3. mwanzapatrick50@yahoo.com

    Kindly share with th

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