A Prayer For Peace

A Prayer For Peace.

Lord thank you for your word upon which we stand today. Lord thank you for that which you have done for us in the past and what you are doing presently. We are eternally grateful for your unchanging, ever present love in our lives.

Lord I pray for my brother and sister who are going through an emotional, mental, inner battle, those passing through a severe trial that has brought them to a place of hopelessness, Lord give them your peace.

Your word says in 2Thessalonians 3:16- Now the Lord of Peace himself give you peace always by all means. The Lord be with you all.
Standing on your word, Lord I ask for your peace to mantle, cloak and come upon my brother and my sister right now. Let your peace calm every mental, emotional and spiritual storm in their lives. Let your peace terminate every satanic assignment against their minds.-Phillipians 4:6-7.

May your peace calm the violent storm that has risen against them. I command every storm to cease, in the name of Jesus. I silence every voice of contention against your will for their lives. Lord bless your people without peace. Psalm 29:11.

I pull down every stronghold of anxiety, worry, doubt and fear in their hearts. Lord I pull down every high thing that has exalted itself above your word. I command them to bow right now. May every errant thought, every errant mental picture, every errant imagination be brought down to conform to the thoughts of Christ.
2 Corinthians10:4-5.

Lord, your thoughts towards us are thoughts of Peace-Jeremiah 29:11. I ask for your peace to arrest every contrary situation in their lives right now. Lord open their minds and hearts to your truth. Flood their consciousness with light. Illuminate their minds with your light.

Lord give them solutions to their situations, give them ideas to solve their financial and business challenges, give them definite instructions to deliver them from the hands of every enemy that has arisen against them.

Lord, send them help from your sanctuary, strengthen them by your Holy Spirit-Psalm 20. Send them helpers. Show yourself strong on their behalf.

Lord, put a song of victory in their hearts and a song of thanksgiving in their mouths.
Thank you Lord for you have heard and answered. Amen.
Praise George. July, 2020.

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