My Prayer.

A Prayer.

Lord, thank you for the access I have by the blood of Jesus. Thank you for the Holy Spirit my intercessor who helps me pray with accuracy.

Lord I pray that you will give me the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of you. Lord, flood the eyes of my understanding with your light, that I may know the hope of your calling. Lord, deliver me from every darkness that clouds my mind and my emotions. Deliver me from self-deception, from delusions, from illusions of grandeur, from pride and from lies.

Lord may I understand deeply that we are called to preach the gospel of the kingdom and not a strange gospel which celebrates and glorifies mammon. May I understand that you are more interested in the development of Christ-like character in me than in my ability to accumulate money and preach around the world. Lord give me grace for humility, to take responsibility for my actions and not blame my situation on the work of my enemies.

Give me the grace to pursue the mandate of the kingdom, to pursue your own agenda and not my personal agenda. Lord, may your will be done in and through me.

Lord, send men and women of wisdom into my life who will speak truth to me. Open my spiritual ears and my heart to receive your instruction, your rebuke, your discipline and your correction. Lord purify my heart by your word, make me a vessel of honour fit for your use, a love-driven vessel, that I may become a dangerous weapon in your hands, to destroy the works of darkness, to depopulate hell and populate the kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Lord, may you use me to raise a generation of men and women who are sold out to do your will and effect your kingdom agenda on the earth. Thank you Lord for you have answered. Amen.
Praise George, July 2020.

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One response to “My Prayer.

  1. Ahamy Abidison

    Amen, I receive Divine illumination in Jesus mighty name amen.

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