How To Kill Your Ministry.

How To Kill Your Ministry. 

Are you called and gifted to operate in the prophetic, intercessory ministries? One sure way to kill your gifting and ministry is to sit down under a pastor who teaches ‘leadership’, success and motivational messages. A pastor who focuses on the acquisition of money and material things and not on pressing into the things of the kingdom. A pastor who has relegated prayer as unimportant in the equation of true kingdom success.

If you stay long enough under such an influence, your gifts will be asphyxiated and suffer spiritual atrophy. It is like throwing good seeds on rocks: they will shrivel up and die without water and good soil. No matter how seemingly successful the minister may look on the outside, he/she will never be able to unlock the kingdom resources within you because he/she does NOT have it within them to give to you.

To grow the gift within you, pray and ask the Lord to guide you to a woman/man who has served the Lord diligently in the area of your gifting/ministry for years, someone who is sold out to the kingdom of God, someone full of wisdom, full of love. Someone who has totally rebelled against the seduction and control of mammon.


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  1. adeniyi joseph

    thank you sir,this is an eye opening.

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