Why Are People Poor?

Why are people poor?

1. They want something for nothing.

They want to be rich without work.

They gamble, engage in betting because they believe in luck.

They hope to hit a jackpot someday.

But hope without clarity and strategic action compounds their cycle of poverty.

2. The poor surround themselves with poor people, so they remain poor.

If the 5 closest people to you are poor, you will perpetuate poverty.

Each time you try to rise, they will pull you back down to their level.

Being close to the rich will help you rise above poverty.

3. The poor have no clarity, direction or purpose for their lives.

The mantra of the poor is “What will be will be.”

This is fatalistic.
It is a recipe for disaster.

Only clarity, purpose and direction can break the gravitational pull of poverty over your life.

4. The poor want instant gratification.

The desire for instant gratification is a weapon sent from hell to destroy the poor.

They indulge in unfettered pleasures: alcohol, weed, promiscuous sex, wild parties etc.

Proverbs 21:17: he who loves pleasure CANNOT be rich.
Praise George. July, 2020.


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2 responses to “Why Are People Poor?

  1. shebby yamba

    Hi Praise.Received with thanks.Regards. Humanist Yamba Shebby.

  2. Ahamy Abidison

    It’s well understood the cause of poverty. How to start without a backup is the challenge now. That’s why I ask of helper or mentor to Coach to me on what to do and how to do it accurately.

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