The Power Of Attention.

Hello everyone,

One of the lessons you have to learn very quickly if you want to be successful is that what you place your attention on will soon become a reality in your life.

Your attention is like a powerful magnet which pulls you towards things and pulls certain things towards you.

Look around you.
Everything you see presently manifesting in your life is as a result of the attention you’ve given it.
Those nice shoes.
That lovely dress.
That car.
That phone.
That new laptop.
You gave it your attention, then your attention moves you in the direction of making it a reality and today it has manifested in your life.

The difference between successful people and failures is the object of their attention.
Successful people give their attention to high value things which are empowering, things which add value to them, things which help them manifest their dream.

Failures give their attention to worthless, low value things which hold them back from manifesting their dream, things which do not add any value whatsoever to their lives, things which perpetuate their failure.

What are you giving your attention? Are you giving your attention to the things you want to see manifest in your life or are you just going with the flow, giving your attention to everything that comes before your eyes?

The secret to success is selective attention.

Choose what to place your attention on.
Be highly selective. Be vicious with your attention. Refuse to be drawn into things you do not want in your life. Refuse to browse through social media pages that are toxic. Place your attention on things of high value, things that will move you into greatness and ignore the rest.

This is the secret to success.

You will be fine.
Praise George. July, 2020

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  1. Ahamy Abidison

    Hello sir, you are really right. Because whatever human mind set to get is what comes his way. Thanks

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