Finding Your Helpers.

Hello everyone,

There are certain people assigned by God to our lives to help us function in and accomplish our assignments. They are helpers. We should pray that helpers find us, and we find them by an act of divine providence.

Helpers carry the gifts, skills, information, revelation, experience, expertise, grace and wisdom we require to function at our very best and effect the will of God for our lives. We may think we know all and have everything figured out but the truth is that there are areas of our lives where we need help and should be open to the input of helpers.

Helpers open doors, present us with opportunity, connect us to the right people, business deals, jobs. Helpers introduce new ideas that help propel us and accelerate our progress in life.

No matter how big we are or how big we become, we NEED helpers in our lives and should be humble enough to ask the Lord for them. 

Helpers are the key to the next season,  the next level, the next phase of our lives. May we find helpers and may they find us.

Praise George. July, 2020.

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