How To Keep A Good Man.

How To Keep A Good Man.

1. Be your true self.
2. Project your beauty and ‘assets.’
3. Communicate intelligently.
4. Be assertive. Real men like strong women.
5. Don’t spy. If he wanted a spy he could have gone to the CIA.
6. Don’t be a ‘drama queen.’
7. Bring value into his life.
8. Be humble.
9. Develop trust.
10. What does he LIKE about you? Work on it and make it better.

Be your true self. Don’t lie to yourself by trying to be someone you are not. Be completely honest with him. Let him like you for who you are and not the fantasy that you project.

He was attracted to you because of your beauty, your sense of fashion, and your physical assets. Always improve and project what you have. If skirts bring out the best in you, then fill your wardrobe with skirts. Ensure that your wardrobe helps you project your beauty, always.

Be assertive. Always say what’s on your mind in the very best possible way. Trust me, he will like you the more for your assertiveness. A man wants to know what’s going on in your mind. If you don’t like something, let him know as soon as you can be with him alone. Don’t discuss your issues in public. Honour your relationship.

Some ladies have become world class spies loke the CIA, FBI, KGB, MI5, MOSSAD, etc. They have become forensic experts. Even CSI agents will blush with shame at their amazing skills of detection. They spy on the man’s phones, laptops, diaries, e-mails, facebook, twitter, accounts and anything else they can lay their hands on. It is a shame for you to waste your energy in such an unproductive way. Use your energy to bring out the best in you and in your man.

Don’t dishonour yourself in public or in private by being a drama queen. Learn to talk through your issues instead of going crazy over absolutely nothing.

What does your man LIKE about you? Is it your mind, beauty, spirituality, diligence, character? What does he like/ Ask him about it. When you know what ‘moves’ him, then work at developing it. If your man likes a certain colour on you, you should get more of that particular colour in your wardrobe. If he likes the peace you bring him, then develop that sense of peace around you. If he likes your intelligence, then read more and expand your world view.

This is how you keep a good man.

Praise George.

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