A Prayer For You.

A Prayer For You.

May your helpers find you.
May favour surround you, speak for you and defend you.
May your steps be ordered into your destiny of greatness.
May the Lord shine upon you. May his light guide you.

May you come out of every snare of the enemy
May that which you have been searching for find you.
May right doors be open to you.
May you be specially selected for promotion.
May you be honoured.
May you be delivered from lies and deception.
May that which causes shame be eliminated from your life.
May you triumph over your enemies.
May the Lord grant you speed for accomplishment.

May you receive ideas to create and deliver value.
May you receive wisdom to finish what you start.
May you be delivered from users and abusers.
May your hands accomplish great things.
May your heart be mantled with boldness.
May your enemies bow before you.
May fear and timidity be far from you.
May you find peace in God’s purpose.
May you turn back from the wrong path.
May your feet find the right paths.
May you receive that which is yours by right.
May you occupy the position of honour prepared for you.
May the Blessing of the Lord enrich your life and eliminate sorrow.


Praise George, July, 2020

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One response to “A Prayer For You.

  1. Abidi Ahamefula God'stime

    Thanks sir, I receive all you have decree concerning me and my family in Jesus mighty name amen.

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