There Are 3 Categories Of People.

The coronavirus crisis did not come upon us by accident without divine approval. God knew it was coming and permitted it for a reason. From January until now, there has been an accelerated release of giftings into their callings and ministrirs. Millions of people have been released into their ministries: preaching, teaching and doing the work of the ministry on various online platforms. They are doing what many pastors criticised but have been forced to adapt to because of the coronavirus crisis.

There are three categories of believers going through this crisis.

1. Those who have absolutely no idea what is going on. They Are blind and deaf. They love the status quo. They want the churches to stay open. They want things to go back to normal. Unfortunately these are in the majority. There are some exams where people are allowed to come in with their text books, yet people still FAIL those exams because they can read but do not understand. Many have no understanding about what God is doing in this season so they will hold on to the past.

2. Those who know what is going on, that the world is changing and there’s nothing they can do about it but they are scared to change and move in the new direction. They know that the sunday service church jinx has been broken over millions of lives and Sunday church attendance will never be the same but they are scared to adjust to the realities they see. They will stop many people from miving with the spirit of God to instigate change. They care more about their pockets than the souls of men and women.

3. There are those who have eyes that see and ears that hear. Those who know that things have shifted in the spirit realm, that God is moving his people to operate from a totally different dimension and platform and they are positioning God’s people to function in his will. These are men and women who understand the mind, purpose and counsel of God. They recognise the times and seasons and have moved away from what worked last year to what will work this year, going forward. God is going to empower these group to bring about change in the lives of millions of people. I pray you are part of this divine move.

May the Lord grant you wisdom and clarity to do his will.

Praise George, July 1, 2020.

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  1. Patience Ngwenya

    Powerful and inspiring word words indeed.. Mmh they got me reflecting on which group l falll under 🤔🤔

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