The Deception Of Prophetic Accuracy.

Hello everyone, I will like to share with you on the deception of prophetic accuracy.

The demonic sees only what God permits it to see, otherwise tarot card readers, palm readers, crystal ball readers will not be in business for thousands of years. Even king Saul went and consulted one of them to see the future. They see only what they are permitted to see and no more. That was why all the male children were ordered to be murdered at the birth of Moses, because the demonic saw something but they couldn’t see no further.

Astrologers, star gazers used divination from the east to locate the star of Jesus and they traced him and located him in Bethlehem. God permitted them. They were so sure of what they were doing that they even brought gifts for the child they had not even seen.

God forbids divination and consultation with spirits because the occultic can see certain things in the spirit realm but only what it is permitted to see. False prophets can use the power of darkness to gaze into the future.

Nebuchadnezzar had astrologers, diviners and wise men in his cabinet because those men consulted with the demonic to see the future but there were things they could not see, so the king called Daniel who had God’s gift to see beyond them all. God revealed certain things to Daniel which was not permitted to be revealed to the astrologers and diviners.

False prophets also use divination and occultic powers to see into the future. Many are deceived because of their accuracy but their source is demonic.

In Deuteronomy 18 God said that they should not follow a prophet who is accurate but leads them astray from the word of God. That means false prophets can also be accurate, to the extent that they are permitted. Many have been deceived by the uncanny accuracy of false prophets but the bible already warns us that we should only follow those who follow and practice the word not prophetic accuracy. Beware because even the demonic and the occultic can be accurate.
Praise George, June, 2020.

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