Money And Spirituality.

Economics deals with money. It is economics that attracts money, not spirituality. Seeds, tithing, prayer, etc, will not make you rich. If you want money, deliver value in the marketplace. Money is a reward for value./1
Never confuse spirituality for economics. Never confuse church activity for economic activity. Your pastor says your spirituality will make you rich. Don’t be a fool. There is not one thing you do in church that will make you rich. Money is attracted to value./2Many people struggle financially. Their pastor says it is the devil, their enemies or their sins hindering them from making money. All lies. Money is not a reward for your morality or spirituality. Money is attracted to value delivered by sinner or saint./3 
Pastors say money is spiritual, this is an intentional lie calculated to deceive and exploit the ignorance of the desperate and covetous. Money is not spiritual, it is an economic resource. You don’t need an ounce of spirituality to attract it./4
The market only recognises, responds to and rewards the value you bring whether you are Christian, Muslim, Sikh, Buddhist, Shinto, Ifa priest, Agnostic or atheist. Your spirituality or lack thereof does not concern the marketplace./5
Some pastors tell you that if you are not spiritual you will not attract money or become rich. This is deception. Spirituality determines your character and the state of your soul. Creating and delivering value in the marketplace determines the money you make./6
Praise George, June, 2020.


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    Thank you Sir 

  2. yamba shebby

    My mentor Praise.

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