Dealing With Dangerous Snakes.

Snakes are dangerous because you never see them coming.

I am talking about people who hate you, are envious of you, who see nothing good in you, who are angry at your progress, angry at your success and happiness, who secretly wish you evil and plan to sabotage and bring you down.

Snakes are usually the closest people to us. The snake that attacked Paul was hidden in the wood he carried. Snakes are not going to enter your life, they are already close to you. They are people who are probably with you right now as you read this article about snakes.

Forget about strangers, you have nothing to fear from them. Strangers do not know you, they have not had time to develop hatred for you. It is people who know you that you should be wary of.

Snakes are people who eat with us, drink with us, worship with us in the same churches, work with us in the same job or industry, go to the same clubs and parties with us, live with us in the same building or neighbourhood. These people are dangerous because you never expect such high level betrayal from people so close to you until they reveal their true character and strike at you like the venomous snakes that they are. Snakes want to sabotage your assignment, they want to bring you down, they want to make you lose everything of value in your life, make you suffer pain for absolutely no reason. Snakes are wicked souls.

Snakes smile at us, dance with us, like our posts on social media, attend events with us, so we usually feel they are our friends, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Snakes wear brilliant camouflage, they pretend to be eho and what they are not to gain our trust before they attack us. Therefore, we need a high level of discernment to recognise them and stop them before they strike and ruin our lives. We need to ask the Lord to open our eyes to see people for who and what they are, to reveal their true character to us. And when we receive this revelation, we should do all it takes to redefine our relationships, move away from them and no longer grant snakes access in our lives.

Praise George, Michigan, March 2020.

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  1. We live in a dangerous world. People around us are not what they seem.

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