The Protocol For Opening Doors.

The Protocols For Opening Doors

1. Doors do not open by themselves.

To force a door open from the outside is criminal and illegal.

There is a protocol for opening doors.
If you contravene this protocol, doors will not be open to you.

This is the protocol: Doors are opened for you by people who are already inside.

2. Elite social clubs have a standard protocol by which they operate. If you do not observe their protocols you will not be admitted, your membership application will be rejected.

Elite social clubs require that someone on the inside should make an introduction for you before your application is considered and processed.

3. Doors are opened for you by people who are already where you want to enter.

Doors are opened for you by people who are already doing what you want to do, by people who are successful in the industry, business, profession, ministry, you want to enter, people who are pursuing a similar dream to yours.

4. Trying to force your way into a new industry, community, organisation or network is futile.

There are doors that your money or name will not open for you. No matter how rich you are you must follow protocol to be accepted.
Someone must open that door for you.
Even Jesus Christ had to go to John the Baptist to baptise him. That was the protocol for entering ministry.

5. There are businesses you want to start but you cannot be successful without getting the expertise and wisdom from someone on the inside who will guide you and show you how things are done and how to be successful in that business.
Trying to do it on your own is foolish.

6. If you want to be rich, you need the wisdom of a rich person to open the door for you and show you the way.

When Mark Zukerberg started Facebook he went to Steve Jobs to get some wisdom on how to operate in that industry. Steve Jobs opened the door and taught him secrets.

7. The reason why you are struggling and failing financially is because you have zero financial intelligence. You need the door to be opened for you.

The reason why your business is failing is because the door has not been open to you.

You need people to open the door for you.

8. Learn to build strong relationships with the right people in the industry, business, enterprise, ministry you want to enter.

People are the key to success, the master key to opening doors of success for you.
Find them.
Connect with them.
And the doors will open for you.

9. I have observed how some people get on social media to fight, argue with and insult people who are meant to open doors for them.
This is foolishness.
When you are done destroying your relationships with these people, who will open doors for you?
Be wise.

Praise George, February, 2020.


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3 responses to “The Protocol For Opening Doors.

  1. I concur with your unbiased assertion Sir Praise George.

  2. Martin Mulungye

    Good advise may his grace shine upon you brother .

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