Letter To A Dear Sister In Christ.

Letter To A Dear Sister in Christ.

I trust all is well with you.
The days we live in are very dark and evil. Some of us have been called to stand against great evil and wickedness within and outside the church. Many of us will die for this cause and I am prepared for just that.

The things I say are mostly about life and death because the souls of millions of believers are in the hands of deceivers who have crept into the Church.
You may find my language confrontational, this is very intentional. I want to be very clear on which side of the fence I stand. My enemies know who I am, what I stand for and that I will not be bought or compromised. It is going to be a very long, difficult journey, and I pray that the Lord grants us the grace to finish our course with joy.

The issue is not that I talk the way I do but that the Church remains silent while we are led down the wrong road by false teachers, false apostles and false prophets. One thing I cannot stand are moral and spiritual cowards who would rather be liked by people than stand in defence of the truth and risk being hated, even to the point of death. We shall all die someday and I would rather live and die in defence of the gospel than receive the applause of men which leads to eternal destruction.

May the Lord fill you with the Spirit of wisdom and understanding.
May you be strengthened with might in your spirit.
May you be rooted and grounded in the love of Christ.
May you find and focus on your purpose, in Jesus Name.
Praise George


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3 responses to “Letter To A Dear Sister In Christ.

  1. Brother James

    Sir, I am confused. Which Sister of yours were you addressing. And your letter is like a new wine; very sweet but it lacked substance.Sir, can we at least know what you are talking about actually. This article is intriguing. God bless you, Man of God.

  2. Greatness A.T Olorunfemi

    Amen and you too sir. Thank you for your consistency and mot giving up! I’m encouraged and strengthened by your words always

  3. Uche Cynthia

    Great write up.

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