Why David Had To Leave Saul.

Hello everyone, I would like to share something the Lord laid on my heart.

David was a shepherd boy who confronted and killed Goliath. King Saul adopted him and brought him into the palace to work with his soldiers. Saul witnessed the slaying of Goliath. He saw the incredible skill-sets David deployed to annihilate the enemy of Israel. He saw how through David’s act of bravery Israel won the battle and their enemies fled in terror. He saw the potential for greatness in David. From what the women sang after the battle he knew that David was made for great things in Israel.

Saul gave David a high position in his army. Made him the head of a unit, even gave him his daughter to marry, but Saul had no plans of ever allowing David become all he was capable of becoming. As long as David remained small, as long as he remained a servant working for Saul, as long as his dream did not clash with the kingly ambitions of Saul, he was welcome in the palace.

God’s plan for David was to become king, not to be a servant in Saul’s palace. David could never become a king as long as he remained in Saul’s palace. David had to leave Saul before he became all that God planned for him to be.

Saul became the albatross in David’s way. He became the one who blocked David from his greatness. Saul had become the enemy and if David wanted anything meaningful to happen in his life, if he wanted God’s will to be done in his life, if he wanted to see his dream become a reality, David had to leave Saul’s palace.

Saul’s palace represented success for David. He was a shepherd boy who was promoted to rub shoulders with the rich and powerful in the palace and could have started thinking that this was the ultimate for him. He had access to powerful people in the country, however if he wanted to fulfill destiny he had to leave Saul because Saul would never allow him become a king.

Who is the Saul in your life? Saul would never let you rise. He will never let you shine. He will reserve certain opportunities for himself alone and let you eat the crumbs of success which fall off his table. Saul will never allow you be the best you are capable of becoming. Saul would make sure you never become anything of value on this earth. As long as you remain with Saul you will remain an underdog, a servant, a slave.

I was once with a mega church in Lagos, Nigeria. People were struggling to work in that church but I knew that if I stayed there I would never fulfill my calling. Every time I looked around me I saw walls that would stop me from manifesting the dream God placed within me. I made a decision to leave that church and it was the right decision.

What is your Saul? Is it a job, a relationship, a pastor, a boss, a church, an environment, a country, a friend? What is your Saul? You must identify and define it. Now make up your mind to leave Saul and follow God’s plan for your life.

When David left Saul, he had nothing. He fled from Saul because he finally realized that Saul wanted to destroy him. He didn’t wait until he had lots of money before he fled. He fled because he knew that his life was in jeopardy and Saul wanted to destroy him. Saul wanted to terminate him so that he could never fulfill his assignment of becoming a king. David fled into the wilderness with nothing but God sent 400 men to him in the cave of Adullam. God turned the hearts of certain men to find David, to help him, to join forces with him, to align with his vision and submit to his leadership. These men found him only when he left Saul. As long as he remained with Saul there was no hope of becoming the leader he was born to be. Read the story from 1Samuel 18-30.

David raised many giant killers. They were formerly men who were in debt, who had failed in life, who were fugitives from the law, but David turned their lives around and made them fearless warriors. David had to leave Saul to create this reality. These men were fiercely loyal to him. They were ready to do anything to see his vision become a reality. They were even ready to lay down their very lives for him. If David had not left Saul he would never have met these men.

When he left Saul, these 400 men became an unstoppable force that pushed forward with David until he became king of Israel.
You will never become a king with Saul. You will never fulfill your destiny with Saul. Now is the time to leave Saul and pursue your calling, dream and assignment.
You will be fine.
©Praise George, December, 2019.


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4 responses to “Why David Had To Leave Saul.

  1. Pastor Patrick Mwanza

    Thank you for the great insight Sir

  2. Brother James

    Powerful Insight Sir. Thanks Man of God. I am blessed for reading this article.

  3. Uche

    Wow ,this is powerful

  4. Emmanuel

    This is insightful sir.

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