Call That Person Now.

Hello everyone,

When God lays it on your heart or tells you: “Call Raymond,” “Call Sally,” “Call Andre,” “Call Felicia,” he wants you to pick up your phone, he wants you to drop whatever you are doing, he wants you to forget everything else, he wants you to pay total attention and call that person.

Someone may be saying, “Praise, I got it. So, God wants me to call Andre. I will do it when I am ready.” No. He doesn’t want you to call that person later. He doesn’t want you to do it after the day’s work. He doesn’t want you to do it last thing before you go to bed at night. He doesn’t want you to do it when you resume at work tomorrow morning. No. He wants you to do it now.
When we delay, we miss opportunities. When we delay, we miss out on our breakthroughs. Many of us have delayed making important calls only to discover days later that if we had made that call immediately it crossed our minds, we would have struck an opportunity. If we had put down what we were doing and spent just five minutes to make that call we would have been recipients of a blessing.

Procrastination is self destructive behaviour. Procrastination is putting off until tomorrow what you should have done yesterday. It is mental, emotional, physical laziness which holds you back from the execution of your plans, from taking bold and confident strides towards your dream.

Procrastination slowly turns you into a coward who becomes comfortable with doing nothing meaningful about your progress in life.

What you don’t realize is this: there is a window to every opportunity. It will not last forever. If you don’t learn to seize it when it presents itself to you, it will move on to someone else. The thing about opportunity is that someone else will use the opportunity that had your name written on it and there is nothing you can do about it.

How many of you have called someone and the person said: “I was just thinking about you. When can we have a meeting?” The moment the thought played in your mind, you called that person and discovered that there was an opportunity waiting for you.

People have made millions by simply following that impetus of their intuition to call someone, send a text, send an e-mail, drive over and visit that person. When you will lose nothing by taking action, it is best to take action immediately.

As long as you still feel very strongly about calling that person, make that call. If the feeling has died down, it means that window is shut. However, don’t take my word for it, call that person now just to be sure. You never know what opportunity could be in store for you.

©Praise George, November 25, 2019.


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6 responses to “Call That Person Now.

  1. Brother James

    Thanks Man of God, I have experienced it severally and I know that this article is worth paying attention. Sometime I called someone and He said to me that they have just finished discussion about me moments ago. But you know what? It was pressed in my heart that I should place the call which I just delayed. Only to call and discover that things had been said about me. So it is true. It has happened to me, not once and not twice.

  2. Hanad

    God bless you and this article.
    I got this “instruction”, and prepared everything i wanted to say. This is the first client I’m pitching to. Nervousness overcame me the moment the person answered and i starting stammering. I regained my composure and pitched myself. It turns out they’ve been looking for someone to render this service for awhile now and I’m booked for a meeting tomorrow!
    This article gave me the little push i needed as i was busy second-guessing and doubting myself. Thank you. This truly came at the perfect time!

  3. viola

    Your writings are a great inspiration to many lives in the world.

  4. shebby yamba

    Hi PraiseI ned help please.Regard.Shebby.

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