One Good Friend Is Better Than A Hundred Fools.

Hello everyone,
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“Ladies and Gentlemen, Having one good friend you can trust, who believes in you, who is loyal to you, who brings you real value, who helps your progress, is better than surrounding yourself with 100 FOOLS who cause you pain and bring ZERO value into your life.” –Praise George.

So many people have relationships that are of very low value or of absolutely no value to them. They are in these relationships due to force of habit. Some of these unproductive, life draining, failure producing relationships have existed for most of their lives. It has become part of their lives so they never bother to ask questions like: “Of what value is this relationship to me? Where is it taking me? What is it adding to my life? How is it helping me become the person I desire to be? How is it moving me towards my dream?”

They don’t ask the tough questions because it makes them examine their hearts and such deep self examination makes many people uncomfortable. They prefer to live shallow, superficial lives, but they expect things to just work out for them. Things do not just work out for us. We determine the direction we are going in life, we determine the results we produce by surrounding ourselves with the right people.

You cannot surround yourself with fools but expect to produce uncommon results in your life. You cannot surround yourselves with failures but expect to be a success. You have to be intentional about your relationships or else anybody can force an unwanted relationship on you.

It is better to have one friend who believes in you, one friend who is supportive of your dream, one friend who accepts you totally in love for who you are, one friend who encourages you on your journey of self discovery and pursuit of your dream, one friend who will stay loyal to you no matter what, than to have a hundred people in your life who are a total disappointment to you. To tell you the truth, many of your friends are worse than the wall paper in your home. At least the wall paper serves a purpose of beautifying your living room. What purpose do these people serve in your life?

Find that one person who believes in you and let there be mutual acceptance, mutual commitment to each other and you will be fine. Invest in and build that relationship. It will yield dividends of progress and success in your life.

On our journey we need good friends who will hold our hands and walk with us on our journey. We cannot make it alone. Now is the time to intentionally invest in the right relationships for your journey.

© Praise George, November, 2019.


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6 responses to “One Good Friend Is Better Than A Hundred Fools.

  1. opeyemi malik

    Good one. Well written and well taken.

  2. Bisi

    Deep calls on the deep.

  3. Nkeiruka Ikpeama

    Exactly! Thank you!

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  4. Greatness A.T Olorunfemi

    Thank you for this sir. We appreciate you

  5. I love this. You’ve got a nice blog.

    It’s an honor to be here 🙇 . I hope I can make good friends with you💐

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