My Twitter Post And 500 Angry Feminists.

Hello everyone,

If you are not following me on Twitter, you should correct that mistake immediately. You missed a lot this weekend. It was a firestorm with some angry feminists. My twitter handle is @praisegeorge.

I posted this tweet:
“Some women have degrees but they have no sense. You want a family, but you take a job where you always travel. How will you meet a good man and get married? Money can never replace a loving spouse and family. Don’t be rich and single at 50. Get married. Then face your career.”

Over 500 angry feminists descended on my tweet to attack me. Thanks to these angry feminists, my tweet went viral. It takes opposition to lift you to the level that God has prepared for you.

Feminism is toxic.
Feminism hides behind nice words to practice misandry.
99% of feminists hate men.
They are rebellious, angry, bitter and vengeful.
Feminists hold men responsible for everything wrong in the world.
Feminists never take responsibility for their own lives. They want men to fix things for them. They want men to solve their problems while they manipulate men to take over the world.

All the feminists said they did not need a man to enjoy their lives, so I posted this tweet:

“Even Chimamanda is married.
Don’t carry this feminist activist nonsense on your head like a fool.
Find a good man.
Get married.
Are you paying attention?”

Feminists don’t want a husband. They don’t want to be married. Marriage is like a curse to them. Those who are unfortunate to be married hate every second of it. They barely want to live with a man. They are rebellious and the bible says rebellion and witchcraft are siblings. Where you find rebellion, you will find witchcraft.

Feminists do not submit to the scriptures. They want to live life by their own rules, they want to do live as they like, so whatever they want and still tag themselves as Christians.

You cannot serve the Lord Jesus Christ unless you are submitted to him. You cannot follow him unless you obey him. In this kingdom we don’t make our own rules, we follow what he tells us to do. It may not be easy, but he gives us the grace and inner strength to do what pleases him, to do his will, to do what establishes his kingdom on the earth.

May the Lord grant you the grace to do his will.


©Praise George, November, 2019


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3 responses to “My Twitter Post And 500 Angry Feminists.

  1. Peris Outa

    You have erroneously refer to those women as “feminists”. I am not on Twitter so I have not read their responses. But what I can say is that the angry/bitter women you have described in your post are not feminists. These are women who have displayed anger and bitterness that causes them to lash out in the way they do; that cannot even begin to describe the real definition of a feminist. With the true definition of feminism, I know a few men who can be referred to as feminists… I know many female feminists who are married and live harmoniously with their husbands and respect the men they encounter in their personal and professional lives. So, feminism is not the “devil” that you have portrayed in your post.

  2. Lynda Aleburu

    Hello. I just saw this email and thought to reply. Why would you single out women for this scenario you have described? Why not men also? In my opinion, married people, both men and women have a duty to keep their home stable. So I suggest that this your advice applies to both men and women who want to get married and stay married. Shalom.

  3. Nkeiruka Ikpeama

    Your postings have always been inspiring to me. You speak truth and many people rather not like to hear the truth! Thats what upsets them. The truth.
    We met up along time ago not even sure if you still remember me lol. Am still in the States but I do come back often to Nigeria. One day we’ll meet up again as we did at the book store in Ikeja.
    Keep up the great work. Your words are great and your own point



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