Your Success Is In The Hands Of Strangers.

Hello everyone,
I have something interesting to share with you today. It is about strangers.


When we were children our parents told us not to talk to strangers. They wanted to protect us. That advice worked well as long as we were children. It protected us from some crazy people out there. However, as adults, that advice is redundant, even dangerous. There is absolutely nothing good we can achieve in life without the help of strangers. To be successful in life we need strangers.

Your money is in the hands of strangers. Your success is in the hands of strangers. Your progress is determined by strangers. Favour is waiting for you with strangers. Strangers determine your future.

Success is determined by how many people we can influence or persuade to get behind our cause, to buy our products and services. The more people we can influence, the better for us.

We have to connect with as many people as possible and talk to them about the value that we have to offer. The people you know are not enough to take you to the next level. Your present contacts are not enough to help your dream fly. You require the help of people you’ve never met before in your life to assist you and take you to the next level.

Many of your friends cannot help you.
Many of your contacts cannot help you.
Many people who helped you in the past cannot help you now.
Their season to help and assist you is over.
To move to the next level, you need strangers.

The reason why many of you are not moving forward in life is because your present contacts cannot help you go further. They have done their best for you and for that you should be very grateful. But they cannot give you what they don’t have. They cannot produce what is not within them. They have reached the very limit of their capacities and competencies. They cannot go any further for you. They cannot lift you beyond where you are. They don’t have the resources to make things happen for you. It is time for you to look beyond your circle of friends and contacts, and reach out to total strangers.

Strangers have the financial resources and the contacts you need to actualize your purpose.
Strangers have the wisdom and clarity you require for the next level of your journey.
Strangers hold the keys to doors you need to be opened for you.
Strangers understand the new terrain that you are stepping into.
Strangers are the instruments that God will use to supernaturally place you where you belong.

However, strangers will not come to you. You have to go to them. You have to be confident, get out of your comfort zone and go in search of the strangers you need in your life. Do not be scared of strangers. Find them. Talk to them. Connect with them. Ask them for their assistance and help. Collaborate with them. Turn strangers into friends. Turn strangers into allies. Turn strangers into assets. Turn strangers into a strong team that will support and help you actualize your dream.

I pray that God positions you to meet strangers who will like you for absolutely no reason, who will believe in your dream, who will recognize the value you have to offer, who will support your dream, who will help you, support you, assist you, defend your cause and go out of their way to show you favour, without asking you for anything in return.

Your future is in the hands of strangers.
Go find them.
Connect with them.
Turn them into allies.
You will be fine.
©Praise George, October, 2019.


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5 responses to “Your Success Is In The Hands Of Strangers.

  1. victoria mcharo


  2. Princess Nwaka

    Waoo!! What a piece. Was moved reading this , which is exactly what I need now. Strangers that can help me move to the next level and define who Iam actually are.

    Thanks so much
    Do it

  3. bukola

    Yes, sir. thanks for the message

  4. shebby yamba

    Hi Praise.Received with thanksYamba.

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