Never Doubt Yourself.

Never Doubt Yourself.

Doubt is destructive.
Doubt will kill your drive and your dream. Once doubt is sown in your mind, it will grow and sabotage you. Stop sharing your dream with people scared of your greatness, who can sow doubt in you.
Stay away from people who make you doubt yourself, who make you doubt your abilities, who make you doubt your dream and your future. It may be family, friends, co-workers, pastor, even someone you are dating. Anybody who makes you doubt yourself is an agent of destruction.

Do not stay in an environment of doubt. Do not stay with friends who doubt your ability to be successful. Do not stay in a relationship filled with doubt. Doubt is emotional, mental, spiritual poison. Once doubt is sown, it will begin to fight against you in ways you cannot even begin to imagine. Doubt is like a bomb with a timer. It will lay quiet inside of you and explode when you need to assert yourself and take action to actualize your dream. Doubt will crush your hope. You will fail to rise or excel. Resist, reject, refuse and rebel against doubt.

Doubt is self destructive. Do you know what will make all your enemies go hysterical with joy? It is when you doubt yourself. At that point, nothing can save you. You are done. It is just a matter of time.
Never doubt yourself.

©Praise George, September 2019.

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One response to “Never Doubt Yourself.

  1. Paul T.

    Thank you for this word. I’m encouraged. God bless you.

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