It is a mistake to put your trust in man.

It is a mistake to put your trust in any man.

There are some good people in this world, but human nature is essentially evil. To put your trust in any man is to jeopardize your life.

Jesus knew this. He experienced it in his life and ministry.

In John 2:23-25, And when He was in Jerusalem in the Passover, in the Feast, many believed in His name, beholding His signs that He was doing.But Jesus on His part did not did entrust Himself to them, because of His knowing all men,and because He had no need that anyone should testify concerning man, for He Himself knew what was in man.

When he was entering Jerusalem, thousands came out to celebrate him, even wanted to make him king but he refused because he knew the nature of man, that it was essentially evil.

In his ministry Jesus healed hundreds, perhaps thousands of people. They followed him for miracles, for loaves of bread and fish. However, when the true test came everyone of them abandoned him.

When he stood before pontius pilate about to be crucified, the whole crowd shouted crucify him.
The whole crowd.
Where were the thousands he healed?
Where were the thousands who ate his bread and fish?
Where were the thousands who sat under his ministry?
Where were the people he sent out to do ministry?
They had disappeared.
All gone.
Not one person stood with him.
He stood alone.

There is nothing worse than placing your trust in an unfaithful man in the day of trouble. People generally cannot be trusted. So, when you find a faithful person, hold on to that relationship because it is very rare.

Let me be very clear.
Do not put your trust in any man because they will fail you when it matters most. Jeremiah 17 says it is a curse to trust in a man.
Put your trust in the Lord. He can be trusted 100%
You will be fine.


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  1. shebby yamba

    Hi.Br.Just a reminder that am free Physically!!Let’s us make a Man in Our Image,Says the Lord.He does’nt mean that Let’s us Destroy a Man No!!If he were not to Creat everything sembe still on Formless and Void as it was in the Begining. Regards.Your Young Br.Shebele…….

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