People Prefer You In Poverty Than In Prosperity.

Hello everyone,

People prefer you in poverty than in prosperity.

Years ago, I told my boss I wanted to write a book.
“What do you know about books?” he asked in derision.
I felt so much pain at his words.
Over 50 books later, I am still writing.

Keep your mouth shut.
Do the work.
Show your results.

My wife wrote a book, gave it to her pastor for announcement in church, but it never happened.
After the service, a sweeper found the book on the floor and gave it to her.
Her pastor had never written a book, so could not handle her success.
She left that church.
Now, she has written over 12 books.

People are happy with your poverty.
It is easy for them to deal with you in poverty.
They don’t want to see you rise.
Your prosperity threatens them, so they try to hinder you.
Stop telling them your plans.
Do the work.
Show your results.
You will be fine.


©Praise George, September, 2019


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10 responses to “People Prefer You In Poverty Than In Prosperity.

  1. Boyd Kaonga

    Good afternoon sir, the same happened to me I wrote the manuscript gave to the Reverend to date nothing has happened and still waiting. what should I do. stay blessed.

  2. Patrick Mwanza

    Thank you Sir for th

  3. Brother James

    Exactly that is what I thought of doing ‘keep my mouth shut, do the work and then show the results’ but Sir, how do I start? Can you kindly give me some tips? I got intrigued whenever I read articles from your desk, I do pause and ask myself if I could ever write like this, and then continue to read. You see I have been nursing this thought in me to put in writing as a book all the things I have gotten as ideas, thoughts and experiences. But I don’t know how to start. Can you help? And I will be the most grateful. Thanks Man of God.

  4. Ezeobi Vincent

    I received sense from your post. It’s factual.

  5. Nkeiruka Ikpeama

    I love all your postings.. am always and truly inspired. Thank you

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  6. Babatunde Shomoye

    This is so so true.

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