You Don’t Owe Anyone An Explanation For Your Results.

Hello everyone,

You don’t owe anybody an explanation for your results.

It is better for people to be shocked by your results, than for you to share your plans, and they sabotage you because they are shocked at your audacity. Keep your mouth shut. Do the work. Show results.

When Jesus preached his very first sermon in Luke 4, the people who grew up with him in his own home town wanted to kill him. They were driven by rage and wanted to destroy him.

Jesus told them his plans. He told them what was written in scripture concerning himself and how these things would be fulfilled in his life.
They were mad at his audacity.
How dare he think such lofty thoughts about himself?
How dare he think he was some great prophet?
Does he think he was better than them?

They didn’t think that Jesus who was the son of a carpenter was worthy of such honour or deserved to habour such lofty thoughts about himself in his mind. They said, “Is this not the carpenter’s son?” They derided him with such questions. How dare he think he was now a prophet?

But Jesus was a prophet. Jesus did not require anyone’s permission to be a prophet. God made him a prophet without anyone’s help.
That scripture was actually talking about him.
That scripture was being fulfilled in their time and Jesus did not require their permission to live his life and pursue his assignment.

What gave them the right to question his plans?
What gave them the right to think that he was speaking too highly of himself and had to be taught a lesson?
What made them think they were doing God a favour by trying to ‘put him in his place?’

It was human nature.

People think because they grew up with you, they live in the same area with you, went to the same school with you, attend the same church with you, they share a common bond and destiny with you and if for any reason you begin to entertain any thoughts of leaving them behind, they will deal with your arrogance by sabotaging you so that you ‘stay in your place.’

This is why you should stop sharing your plans with everybody.
Stop telling them the great things you plan to do with your life.
It is better to do those things and watch people wonder how you achieved them, than for you to tell them your plans and they find subtle ways to introduce doubt into your mind to sabotage you.

Doubt is like a virus. doubt is very dangerous.
One word said in contempt.
A shrug of the shoulders when you share your dream.
A rumour deliberately started to dampen your enthusiasm.
People will always find ways to sabotage you. This is why you should work in secret instead of talking.

Your results need no explanation whatsoever.
Your results cannot be stopped.
Your results cannot be questioned because they speak for themselves.

It is better to show your results than to explain your impossible plans to people.

Keep your mouth shut.
Do the work.
Show your results.
You will be fine.

© Praise George, September, 2019


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4 responses to “You Don’t Owe Anyone An Explanation For Your Results.

  1. U.Ahmed

    Great article, I will surely succeed.
    Thank you for this great insight.

    • David

      When you reveal too much especially in your work place, your colleagues start seeing you as a threat, and are willing to do anything it takes to sabotage your effort/result.
      The message is never reveal too much to anyone.

      Thanks for this piece.

    • @thisisuche

      Learnt a great deal from this article.
      Thanks for this great knowledge you’re sharing sir, it is shaping us to be the better at life, all round.
      I appreciate. 🙏

  2. Ayodele Abrahams

    Very inspiring… Great piece!

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