Run Your Own Race

Hello everyone,

About 14 years ago, a lady read one of my books and called me because I wrote that the statement, “Givers never lack” is not true, it is a lie designed by manipulative pastors to steal from gullible, ignorant, blind sheep.

This lady attended David Oyedepo’s winners chapel at that time and knew that I was talking about him. She said that I was ‘bold’ to write that about him. I was deeply persuaded that he was wrong on that teaching. To write such a thing in a book which sold at winners chapel itself was either boldness or stupidity, I can’t be certain which it was.

That book has been sold in many nations. I have visited some of those nations to preach and teach the truth in that book.

When I started speaking against some errors in the African Church, Sunday Adelaja had not started his crusade against error in the African churches, many of the people who come to attack me now on my page had no idea what was going on. There was no Facebook, but I was speaking through my books. Many of these people have no idea what is really going on, so I will pardon their ignorance and their zeal.

I have been speaking about this error for over a decade, has it changed what some people are doing? The answer is no. And it will not change it. The TARES and the WHEAT will grow together until harvest. The TARES are not going anywhere. Therefore, I decided to stop wasting my energy, time and resources on them. I would rather spend 80% of my time building the body of Christ than waste it on criticism. I will suggest you do the same.

Brother Hinn is all over the news because he said what I have been saying for almost two decades. I congratulate him on his awakening. However, I am running my own race and I suggest you all do the same.

Christ will build His Church.

©Praise George, September, 2019

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