Do Not Sit By A Dry Brook

Do Not Sit By A Dry Brook.

Elijah sat down on a rock in contemplation. Something was wrong. He could sense it.  Yesterday, he discovered that the brook Cherith from where he had drank water for months had stopped flowing. All he had left was a skin full of water. He knew it wouldn’t last beyond the next day. He shifted uneasily on the rock  and looked east with expectation, waiting for the ravens to swoop down and bring him the meal for the day. Since he obeyed the instructions of the Lord and came here, the Lord had hidden him from the persecution of that worshipper of baal, that souless murderer, Jezebel. The birds had brought him bread and meat in the morning and repeated the same meal in the evening. The birds had always been on time. They never failed to show up. But this morning, they were late in coming. It had never happened before. He shielded his creased brow from the morning sun with his cloak. But Elijah waited in vain. The ravens never showed up.

The brook had dried up, but Elijah sat there, waiting. While Elijah waited at that dry brook, the Lord had prepared a widow in his next location of assignment, to feed him and sustain him through the famine. But Elijah did not know this, so he sat down by a dry brook brooding.

What is a dry brook?

A dry brook is what is no longer producing fruit, positive results for you.
A dry brook is no longer meeting your needs.
A dry brook is what used to increase you but now impoverishes you.
A dry brook sucks your creativity.
A dry brook is what viciously limits your productivity.
A dry brook is a place of broken dreams.
A dry brook is a place of failure.
A dry brook is a place of disappointment, frustration and emptiness.

A dry brook refers to a past season.
A dry brook is a past phase in your life.
A dry brook is a relationship which has ran its course and exhausted its usefulness.
A dry brook is a job which no longer brings you joy or a business which is no longer growing.

A dry brook does not produce water.
A dry brook is no longer producing water for a reason. Whatever produces that water is dead and can no longer function.
Sitting beside a dry book will not make it start producing water.
You cannot force a dry brook to produce water.
You cannot pray a dry brook to produce water.
Many are praying for a dry brook to bring forth water when they ought to move away from it.
Prayer will not change a dry brook.
Some things we pray for are a waste of our time. We don’t have to pray for a dry brook to bring out water. What we need to do is move away from that dry brook. That is the only solution.
Move away from that location, that business, that ministry, that job, that relationship.
That brook is dry.
Crying over that brook is a waste of your mental and emotional energy. The fact that the brook has gone dry is a signal that the season has changed.

If  something was was once working but now is dry, move away from it.
If it was once making money but has stopped, it is a dry brook. Move away from it.
If it was a mutually beneficial relationship but now has become one sided, it is a dry brook. Move away from it.
If it used to feed your soul but now merely entertains you, it is a dry brook. Move away from it.

A dry brook is a place that is no longer producing favour. You once had favour there, you were once liked, welcomed and honoured but things have changed. The people who once honoured and respected you no longer do. You are despised, treated with disdain, relegated to the shadows, banished to insignificance. This is a dry brook and you should exit that place as fast as you can.

This happened to Jacob in Genesis 30.

Now Jacob heard the words of
Laban’s sons, saying, “Jacob has taken
away all that was our father’s, and from
what was our father’s he has acquired
all this wealth.”
And Jacob saw the countenance of
Laban, and indeed it was not favorable
toward him as before.
Then the LORD said to Jacob, “Return
to the land of your fathers and to your
family, and I will be with you.”

Jacob once had favour with Laban. He served him for fourteen years for his two daughters and six years for his flock. Laban duped Jacob of his wages but God turned Jacob’s captivity. He gave him an idea to breed cattle in a unique way. Through this idea, Jacob became wealthy. He started increasing, growing and moving forward. He had gold, silver, cattle and servants. His wives gave birth to eleven children. Jacob had grown bigger than Laban. One day he noticed that Laban’s face was not like before. Laban’s children accused Jacob of stealing what belonged to their father and making it his own. Their faces had turned against him. The season of favour had come to an end.
For Jacob, the brook had dried up.
The Lord told him to return home.

An atmosphere of contention, strife and warfare is a dry brook.
A place of constant unproductive struggle is a dry brook.

In 1Samuel 17, David battled Goliath the giant and killed him. He was celebrated and promoted. King Saul gave him his daughter to marry. David was given a position in the army of the king. Everything seemed to be working for him. But there came a time when Saul became insecure around David. The women sang that Saul killed his thousands but David killed his ten thousands. That spoke a lot. It meant they gave David more honour than they did to him a king. So Saul decided to get rid of David. Saul wanted to get rid of David so badly. Everybody knew that Saul was against David and no longer wanted him in the palace.

For David, the brook in the palace had dried up. The season of favour he had with Saul had come to an end. The season of honour in the palace as the warrior who killed goliath was over. David recognized the signs. He saw the way Saul treated him that it was no longer with favour. He decided to run for his life before Saul killed him. It was after David left Saul that the Lord led 400 men to him who became warriors and giant killers. God used these men to place David on the throne of Israel as king.

Do not remain in a dry brook.
If the season of your assignment in a place is over, get out of that place.

Life is in phases.
When a phase of your life is over in an organization or in a geographical location, it is time to move into the next phase of your life. Instead of holding on to past success and victories, you should follow divine instructions and launch out into the new season of your life.

The supernatural provisions of God await us in the next location of our assignment, therefore sitting by a dry brook is a terrible mistake. Move away from a dry brook and ask the Lord to bring you to the place of your next assignment. Your blessings await you in the place of your assignment, nowhere else.

Sometimes it is tough for us to get up and leave behind the familiar, the known and move into unfamiliar territory. We are creatures of habit. We love to stick to what we know, where we know and who we know. However, the Lord wants us to trust in Him and not in who, where or what we know and are familiar with. The Lord wants us to follow His instructions and journey into the unknown. It takes faith and complete trust in the Lord to do what Abraham did, to go into a place he did not know. It takes faith to leave the dry brook behind and step into new territory, connect with new people and launch new projects.

Do not sit down by a dry brook. Obey the Lord’s instructions. Get up and move in the direction of your new assignment. That is where supernatural provision awaits you.


© Praise George, 1 July, 2019



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9 responses to “Do Not Sit By A Dry Brook

  1. Sylvester

    Awesome! I receive instructions for my next assignment. Thanks sir for this

  2. Safiano

    Thank you mr praise! this hugely inspired me as I believe it was written for me…

  3. Nosa

    What an interesting read, insightful 👍

  4. Chiseke Chiteta

    1 Kings 17 is an amazing chapter full of God’s provision. I love how Elijah has complete trust in the LORD and follows instruction. I mean, he was in the middle of the wilderness. There was a brook, ravens brought him bread and meat in the morning and in the evening. What could go wrong? Alas the brook dried up. He did not complain when this happened, he just did as the LORD told him. This is complete faith and trust in the Almighty. And God did wonders. I love how you’ve used this story to derive an important life principle. Thank you for sharing Sir. Grace and peace from İzmir, Turkey..


    Man of God, thanks for opening my eyes to this deep spiritual reality. Sir, I want to have clarity on how to get to where our new assignment is. For I know a couple of believers who are not too sure about where their next divine assignment is, and many for the fear of the unknown chose to remain by the dried Brooks. Can you help the needy here?

  6. Emma Ati

    Thanks for this inspiring text. I’ll like to chat with you personally off the website . How can we achieve that?

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