Yesterday, I Got On A Wrong Train.

Yesterday I got on a wrong train.
I had just finished speaking at a seminar somewhere in London. I was tired and distracted. I was also in a hurry to catch a connecting train which was pre-booked. I was on the right platform waiting for my train. When this train pulled up I thought it was the right train and got on.
Ten minutes into the journey I discovered my mistake. I studied the map and the direction the train was headed, I didn’t recognise ANY stops.
I was in trouble.

To tell you the truth, for a moment I was anxious. All kinds of crazy thoughts ran through my mind.
Where is the destination of this train?
How far is it from where I wanted to go?
What area of the city was it going? Was it a dangerous part of the city?
I was concerned because it was getting late. I wore a suit and carried some luggage. Wearing a suit in the wrong part of town, at night, would make me a target that could not be ignored.

If you got on a wrong train in New York, you better start praying because the NYC subway is very confusing. People who have lived in New York for a few years tell you that it can be confusing.
Fortunately for me this happened in London.
I studied the underground map on the train to see in what direction the train was headed and how to correct my mistake and get on the right train.
As I studied the map, I found a station I recognised. I wasn’t very sure if it was the same station I knew or this was another one with a similar name.
Now there was hope.

For the next twenty minutes I rode on this train knowing that I wasn’t supposed to be on it, knowing that I was headed in the wrong direction, knowing that it was a waste of my time, but there was nothing I could do about it. I was uncomfortable in my seat. All kinds of thoughts ran through my mind as I sat there. How will the journey end, I wondered. My fellow travelers had no idea what was going on in my mind. They probably wondered why I got up so many times to study the map above my head.

I breathed a sigh of relief when the train arrived at the popular station I recognized on the map. I got off the train, found the right train which would take me to my destination and resumed my journey in the right direction.
During my waiting time I thought about my mistake and how it applies to many areas of our lives. A train is a metaphor for the direction in which we are headed in life. Many people are on a wrong train in life: they are in the wrong relationship, job, business, church, career, country. They are pursuing the wrong vision, dream and career for their lives. They are working very hard, pouring their energy into the wrong thing, wrong direction for their lives.

Many people have no idea that they are headed in the wrong direction because their lives seem to be working just okay. They are satisfied with the mediocre life they live, satisfied with the mediocre results they produce, satisfied with their struggle with their finances, relationships, career. They think it is normal to struggle through life. They have accepted the wrong train as their reality and they are ready to fight anyone who dares to question or challenge their delusions.

Many people never ask themselves questions about their lives. They never pause to reflect, to be sure that they are moving in the right direction, to be sure that they are on the right train for their lives. The problem with not realizing that you are on a wrong train is that it will bring you to an unexpected destination. You will end up where you never intended in life. You may have a destination in your mind, but the train you are riding will never bring you there. If you dont get off, you will arrive at the wrong destination.

There are others who have discovered that they are on a wrong train.
They discovered that they are in the wrong city or country for their dream to thrive. They are in a wrong relationship which is draining, abusive, dragging them down and taking them nowhere.
They are in a wrong career, job, business or ministry.
They are deeply frustrated and unhappy with their lives. They know they are in a wrong relationship but they dont know how to get off that wrong train. Some attend the wrong church but they have no idea how to get off that train which has become a Sunday to Sunday punishment, it has become a self induced curse on their lives.

Many know that they should be doing more, achieving more with their lives but they don’t know how to get off a wrong train. They dont know how to break the cycle of mediocrity in which they have found themselves. They yearn for change, for transformation, for success, to make greater societal impact, but they have no idea how to initiate it. They are bound by fear, shackled by the chains of learned helplessness, so they refuse to take action to set themselves free.

If you find yourself on a wrong train, get off that train.
No matter how long you ride on a wrong train, you will never arrive at the right destination. Riding on a wrong train will derail and sabotage your dreams, your vision and your assignment. Riding on a wrong train will essentially ruin your life.

A wrong train will never bring you real success, it will never bring you peace of mind and a sense of fulfillment. As long as you choose to remain on that wrong train, you will never achieve anything meaningful with your life.
The further you travel on a wrong train, the more complicated your life becomes and the more difficult it will be to change and get off that train. A wrong train will bring you to a place where you will not be able to effectively deploy your talents, skill-sets and abilities in productive ventures. A wrong train will not bring you to a place where you will meet opportunity, meet the right people and enter through the right doors.

Here is my advice to you.
You must find an exit point and get off a wrong train.
Know exactly what you want in life. Where are you headed in life? What do you want to achieve? What kind of value do you want to deliver? How do you want to be remembered when your journey on this planet is over? What results do you want to manifest in your life?
Be very clear about what you want to do with your life.
Now, make a tough decision and stick to it.
Get off that wrong train.

Break off that vampire relationship. Do not manage a wrong relationship that is taking you nowhere. Don’t remain in a relationship out of pity or a false sense of commitment to someone who is really bad for you. Find someone who will receive the value you have to offer and reciprocate it in the relationship.

Resign from that job that drains you mentally, emotionally and get a new job.
Start a business you enjoy, a business which delivers exceptional value in the marketplace, a business which has a future. Pursue a career that aligns with your assignment. Stop attending that church which adds zero value to your life. Find a church in which you will give and receive value.
Stop doing what is taking your life nowhere.
Start doing what is best for you, what will help you accomplish your calling and assignment.
Get off a wrong train and get on a right train for you.

©Praise George, May, 2019.


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5 responses to “Yesterday, I Got On A Wrong Train.

  1. Abiodun Owolabi

    Wow! Very Insightful and practical experience of Life to learn from and boldly apply to our lives. It takes Humility, Courage and Determination to get off the wrong train of life.
    Thanks so much Praise for the challenge.

  2. Reblogged this on TELECOM WEALTH and commented:
    Wow! I got this article from my blogging mentor, Rev. Praise George. I believe strongly that this post would inspire you and bring forth that change you are looking for in your life, career, relationship and virtually all spheres of your life unto fulfillment of your life assignment. Happy reading👇

  3. Wow! I am inspired by this writing sir. God bless you my mentor. I hope this would help me and other readers to get of any wrong train and find the right train to our various destiny destinations… Thanks

  4. Elizabeth Adenrele-Onikosi

    It is a powerful word calling every reader to purpose and purpose reevaluation.
    We need to check moment by moment if we are still in tune with his will (the wiil of God).
    Weldone sir!

  5. Bishop Tony Osuobeni

    Stop doing what is taking you absolutely nowhere! A very powerful piece of thought and action. The best thing that can happen to anyone is to know that they’re headed in the wrong direction because then they can plan to get off the “wrong train,” turn around and head in the right direction. It’s always good to know we can get things right when we have genuinely gotten ‘em wrong. Without challenges there are no changes. Wrong is an indication of right. So we aspire to the highest ideals of right when wrong rides with us on the wrong trains of life in the opposite direction. Yours my brother is one of the best pieces of prose I have ever read. Your brilliance is laudable. You shall write many more pieces like this to teach your generation how to get off the wrong trains of life and get on the right ones to their prophetic covenant destinies. I’m proud of you my brother and friend.

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