A House Of Prayer

“It is written,” he said to them, “‘My house will be called a house of prayer,’ but you are making it ‘a den of robbers.'” Matthew 21:13.

The Lord said my house shall be called a house of prayer.
Not a house of music,
Not a house of breakthrough,
Not a house of prosperity,
Not a house of success,
Not a house of miracles,
Not a house of millionaires,
But a house of prayer.

It is a house of prayer because God wants to have a strong connection, intimacy and communion with his children.

If his house is a house of prayer, why is it that we do everything else in it but pray? Why is it that we have turned his house into a house of merriment and entertainment?

Why is it that we have turned his house into a place for teaching people how to make money? Those who attempted to make it a place for making money or for turning people into millionaires were strongly rebuked with a whip. They brought in their businesses into the house of the Lord and desecrated his holy temple. They were all driven out in shame.

Many have turned his house into a place of entertainment. Coming to church is about the music, the singing. Churches hire mercenaries to play and sing in the church not caring about their spiritual state as long as the crowd is entertained. They hire gifted men and women to head the music departments of their churches not caring about their spiritual state. Some of these gifted people lack character, are spiritually destitute and see music not as a ministry but as a source of making money. They see the church as a place where they can use their musical talents to promote themselves. They are not in any way interested in promoting Christ or his kingdom. It is a narcissistic pursuit to promote themselves, using the gathering of the saints as a platform to actualize their agenda.

Pastors who are called to feed the sheep with the word of God now call themselves life coaches, personal coaches, leadership coaches, etc. This is all in a bid to make money. They bring a motivational message that soothes the itching ears of their listeners. Pastors no longer preach about the kingdom and the will of God, now they talk about getting rich and becoming millionaires. Now, every pastor has become a leadership expert, leading multitudes far away from the will of God into perdition.

Any message which seems to address the moral laxity of their congregants is not preached for fear of being offensive to those who bring the money to fund their extravagant lifestyles.

Christ said “My house shall be called a house of prayer.”

Prayer is the connection between heaven and earth. Prayer connects humanity to divinity. Prayer opens our hearts, ears and eyes to the Secrets of the kingdom. Prayer opens our spiritual eyes to see into the future, and helps us position ourselves strategically to do the will of God. Prayer brings us into the inner chambers of heaven where divinity holds court over the affairs of men. Prayer unfolds the plans of the Father to us. Prayer reveals to us the timing and seasons of God and gives us the divine strategy to effect the will of God on the earth. Prayer activates and releases the power and the resources of heaven to bear upon the earth through the ministry of the Holy Spirit.

Jesus prayed.
He taught us to pray.
He took his disciples with him to pray.
He said we should not give up but rather we should pray. Luke 18:1.
Jesus spent 40 days and nights fasting and praying in the wilderness.
Prayer was the structure upon which his ministry was built. It was the foundation upon which the early church was built in the book of Acts. Paul the Apostle enjoined us in Thessalonians 5:17 to pray without ceasing.

This is why I find it very troubling when ministers like David Oyedepo and Sam Adeyemi his son in ministry, preach another gospel, a strange gospel, an alien gospel, a gospel which denounces, derides, and denegrates prayer, a gospel which excludes prayer from the spiritual foundation of Christianity and enshrines the power of the mind.

These men sound intelligent and convincing, but by denigrating prayer, they attack and seek to destroy the very ethos upon which the Christian faith is built. These men preach a narcissistic, new age perversion of the gospel which totally excludes God from our lives and enshrines self.

They defend their perversion by showing us how much money, material things and toys they have acquired by the power of their mind and thinking. They do their best to prove to everyone how smart they are for not praying. But they are not smart but foolish and we have to stop such foolishness from spreading into and weakining the body of Christ.

So that we are clear, you do not need to be spiritual in any way to make money. You don’t need God in your life to be successful. There are millions of sinners and atheists who are wealthy and do not have a relationship with God. Do read the story of the rich fool in Luke 12:12-20.

Prayer is not a means to get rich. Those who think that godliness is a means to getting rich are lost. Prayer is the tool, the instrumentality through which the power, the grace and the wisdom of God is manifested in and through us on the earth.

To denounce and denigrate prayer is to practice an empty, humanistic, narcissistic, new age philosophy, totally devoid of power, which excludes God from the equation of success in our lives. Without prayer, without Christ being at the centre of our lives, we would have turned his house of prayer into a den of thieves.

©Praise George, January, 2019.

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One response to “A House Of Prayer

  1. Allison Olusegun Chucks

    I find this post both timely and revealing. However, l have a few reservations.
    Truly the house of God is the house of prayer and nothing can take the place of prayer because it is the link between man and God. I in no way subscribe to making the house of God place for merchandise. It is utterly unacceptable and ungodly. Permit me to state that nothing is wrong with teaching people how to make money in the house of God or teaching leadership skills. The Bible is a book for life and it is full of principles for every aspect of life- spiritual, mental, health, leadership, industry, relationship and so on. I believe in balance. When an aspect of the Christian faith is over flogged to the detriment of other aspects then something is wrong with our sense of reasoning and balance. I have been privileged to listen to both preachers mentioned in this post and l can tell you that they are men of prayers and they both lead praying congregations.
    So in my humble opinion l don’t think it is fair to disparage honourable ministers of the gospel even if you don’t agree with their lifestyles and messages. Moreover, the call of God doesn’t invalidate his gifts in the lives of men. Paul the Apostle was a lawyer and his profession reflected on his ministry. He was also a tentmaker. You are a writer of repute in the inspirational genre and you have written quite a number of books on various topics and you are no doubt a true Christian. If you were to be a preacher, l dare posit that your messages will contain some aspects of your giftings. l don’t wish to continue to highlight further points to substantiate my standpoint. In conclusion, you are my hero and your writings have impacted my life greatly. God bless you richly my mentor.

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