Your Success Is Tied To People

Your Success is Tied To People.

Hello everyone. Welcome to 2019.

The difference between where you are today and where you want to be is people.
The difference between what you achieved in 2018 and what you could have achieved is people. The difference between the impact you have made in real terms and what you are really capable of is the people you have in your life.

There were some things you planned to accomplish in 2018 but you could not because you couldn’t find the right people to help you birth your dream or the people you found were a very bad match for you. Instead of helping you pursue your dream, they constituted an obstacle and a hindrance on your way.

Everyone has a horror story in their dealings with people. There were people who came into your life and you thought they were coming to help, support you but they turned out to be fiends; they betrayed and disappointed you in such a way you never contemplated possible. They came in as angels but left as demons.

Some people tell themselves that they do not need people in their lives. They were hurt by people, betrayed by people, let down by people and rejected by people. They want to distance themselves from people so they can avoid a repeat performance of what they experienced or suffered in the hands of people. The most emotionally painful are those who were disappointed by people they were in love with, people they trusted with all their heart but it turned out they made a mistake in placing the gift of trust in the hands of such people.
They become suspicious of everyone, build an emotional wall around themselves, shut everyone out, and struggle to make their lives work without people. But such avoidance could be a costly mistake.

So that we are clear, you cannot build a significant, successful, impactful life on your own, by yourself. You cannot actualize your dream without the contribution of people. You cannot fulfil tour assignment without the support of people.
People may be mean.
People may be deceitful.
People may be hurtful.
But the help you need to manifest your dream this year is with people; good people, brilliant people, kind people, wise people, intelligent people, compassion-driven people, kingdom-minded people, and you will find and connect with them.

We all need good people in our lives who will give us wise counsel, contribute their brilliance, ezpertise and experience to the fulfilment of our dream.

The truth is that good people are very hard to find. There are stupid, empty headed people everywhere, but people with wisdom are hard to find, people who are kingdom driven are hard to find, brilliant people are hard to find. You will have to make some investment of your time and energy to search for and find good people.

Corporations spend millions of dollars to search for talent who will be a good match for their business model and corporate culture, and who will bring value into their companies. They only deal with the very best they can find and afford. You have to do the same thing; make sure the people you connect with are a perfect match for you, your beliefs and tour dream, and they bring value into your life.

The good people you need in your life will not wander into your life. You have to seek them out, find them and invest in your relationship with them.

Trust the Lord that he will sift the wheat from the chaff, he will warn you about the wrong people to avoid them,  he will guide you in the right path to find the right people, who will be a blessing to you.

Good people, brilliant people, kingdom driven people, are the very key to fulfilling your assignment in the months and years ahead.

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  1. Thanks for this article, praise George. How can I get PDFs of your books?

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