Do Not Stay In Your Lane.

Hello everyone. How are you doing?

When someone tells you to ‘Stay in your lane,’ you should ask yourself these questions:
Does this person know you well enough to make this statement?
Was that person present when God gave you your assignment?
Is that person now monitoring your life as if he or she would reward you for what you do right or punish you for your errors?
When you step out to pursue something new, when you dare to pursue a dream, when you break out of your mould to do something different with your life, there will always be people who who think it is their God given assignment to keep you in the place where they think you belong.

There are people who think they know all about your talents, your gifts, your abilities to advice you to remain where you are, to keep doing what you do, to remain boxed inside the little cubicle of a life that you had been living. These are arrogant people who have a god-complex, who think they know everything and are therefore qualified to interfere with your life.

Such people never do much with their lives because they are too busy interfering with other people’s lives. Instead of working on their own lives they make it their calling to interfere in the lives of others. Because their lives are not working or producing results, they want to keep everyone else at their own unproductive, unhappy level of existence.

You may think such people love you and they have no agenda when they advice you to stay in your lane, but they do have an agenda and it is to make sure you never break out of your confinements and manifest your real destiny. They are happy to see you remain where you are, not doing much with your life, struggling financially, not making an impact in society. They want you to keep them company at their level of existence. Like they say, misery loves company.

That is why they want to manipulate and control you to remain where you are so that you will never amount to much in life or God forbid you become successful at what you want to do and leave them behind in their misery.

My advice to you is this: Do Not Stay In Your Lane! If that lane is not taking you to your desired destination, do not stay in that lane. Break out of your lane. Break out of all confinements and limitations holding you back. Break out of the small life you are presently living. Dare to explore. Dare to question your reality. If you are not happy where you are, if you do not have any sense of fulfilment, if you feel unproductive, then THAT is definitely not your lane. You do not belong there. Keep on exploring until you begin to manifest the assignment hidden within your soul. Keep pressing until you touch the buttons within your soul that will cause all your hidden abilities to blossom in all their divine glory.

Truth is that only you and the Lord know where you belong. Only you and the Lord know what you should be doing with your life in this season. Only you and the Lord know your abilities and the depth of your potential. Only you and the Lord can decide how far to go, how high to climb or how deep to explore in life. Your lane is what YOU and the Lord decide that it is.

Next time someone tries to tell you to stay in your lane, tell them to keep their myopic advice to themselves.

©Praise George, December, 2018.


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2 responses to “Do Not Stay In Your Lane.

  1. Uncle Jim

    That is touchy and I like it.
    May the good Lord give us courage to do and answer detractors wisely and move on with our lives. Thanks
    man of God

  2. Ggoobi Patrick

    TThanks my inspirant i need it has changed my life

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