What Exactly Do You Want?

What Exactly Do You Want?

In Mark 10:46-52, we read the story of Blind Bartimaeus. The Lord was coming out of Jericho, surrounded by his disciples and a large crowd. Bartimaeus sat by the road side begging for alms. When he heard that it was the Lord passing by, he shouted, ‘Yeshua, son of David, have mercy on me.’

The people who were closest to him warned him to keep quiet. They saw his condition, they saw that he needed help, they knew that the master was nearby and could help him, yet they told him to keep quiet. They weren’t the one who would heal him. They weren’t the one who would deliver him. They weren’t the one he was reaching out to, yet they warned him to be quiet.

The multitude can be dangerous. The multitude can be heartless. The multitude can shut the door to the supernatural and the miraculous in your life. The multitude are insensitive to the cry of the poor, the weak, the helpless, the hopeless. The multitude move in whatever direction the wind blows. Do not follow the multitude or allow the multitude to hinder your faith.

This man was reaching out to Yeshua by faith, but the multitude wanted to crush his faith. This man wanted a touch from the Lord, but the multitude imposed itself on him and tried to shut him down. But the man rebelled against their witchcraft. Instead of keeping silent he shouted the more, he reached out the more. He refused to allow anyone shut down his faith. He cried out to the Lord, ‘Son of David, have mercy on me.’

Your faith is a personal business between you and your God. Nobody knows how deep your faith is. Nobody knows what you have been through, what your faith has been through. You should never allow anybody to stand between you and the Lord. Nobody should tell you that what you are reaching for, believing for, trusting God for is beyond you. It is your business between you and your God.

The Lord heard Bartimaeus’ cry and asked him to come. Bartimaeus stood up hurriedly, threw off his covering garment and stood before Yeshua. The Lord did not lay hands on him and heal him instantly. Rather he asked him a curious question. ‘What do you want me to do for you?’

Why would Yeshua look at a blind man and ask him that kind of question? The man probably had many needs and issues in his life, why else would the Lord ask him that question? Bartimaeus could have wanted that he be made a millionaire. He could have asked that his wife who ran away when he became blind should return to him. He could have asked that his family inheritance which was ceased by his family should be returned to him. He could have asked that the Lord bring him a beautiful woman to be his wife and take care of him. There were many possible directions his answer could go.

The Lord was quite intentional with his question. He wanted Bartimaeus to be very specific about what he wanted in his life. He didn’t want him to be frivolous in his request. He wanted him to think and ask for what was really important to him at that point in his life.

There is one thing that the Lord will do for you and it would literally change the course of your life. There is one thing you need upon which your future depends. There is one thing you need without which you will not be able to fulfil your assignment. There is one thing you need which is more important than every other need in your life. There is one thing you need in your life upon which your progress, success, breakthrough is predicated. This one thing is what the Lord wants you to focus on and ask of Him.

There are many banal, inane, foolish, wasteful desires in our hearts that will not take us anywhere. Those are not what I am talking about. I am talking about genuine needs and desires in our lives. Some of us want more money, we want to relocate to another country, get a high flying job, build a house, start a new business, launch a ministry, start a school, be invited to minister in some churches, etc. All these desires are legitimate and we have a right to them. However there is a particular need in your life that the Lord wants to meet right now and it will open the door to the answers you need in other areas of your life.

Back to our story.
Bartimaeus answered the Lord: “That I may receive my sight.” This was what he wanted, not money, not a wife, not a car, not a political position, not a new business. He wanted his eyes opened. What was the response of Yeshua to him? “Go your way; your faith has made you well.” Being specific and focused on what he wanted was an act of faith that led to the opening of his eyes.

So, what exactly do you want? What do you desire the Lord to do for you? What is that one thing you want more than anything else? Be very specific. Take a moment and think about it. Write it down.  Ask the Lord in prayer, in faith to meet this particular need in your life. I pray that the Lord would  grant you the request of your heart.

©Praise George, November,2018.

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