How To Work Out Your Financial Miracle

In Matthew 17:24-27, Jesus instructed Peter to go to the sea, cast a hook, take the very first fish that comes up, open its mouth and there would be money in its mouth for them to meet their financial obligations.
If you are going through a difficult financial situation, do stay with me and let us examine this passage of scripture together. I pray the Lord uses this  article to give you some direction and clarity.

The first thing Jesus asked Peter to do was to go to the sea and cast a hook. In scripture the sea is a symbol for people. Go to where people are and cast a hook. To cast a hook means to engage in work. In other words He told Peter to go and work. The first step to having a financial miracle is to engage in meaningful, productive work.

Jesus did not pray for money. Praying about money is quite different from praying for money. The former is asking God for wisdom to solve your financial challenges while the later is engaging in futility and foolishness. He did not command money to come to him. He did not ask Peter to join him in a prayer of agreement for money. He did not pray for miracle money or spiritual money or supernatural money. He asked Peter to go to the sea and cast a hook. He asked Peter to work to get the money they needed. God will get money across to you through your work.

Money is not spiritual. It is simply a reward for the value we render in the market place. Money is a reward for value through our work. Money is not a blessing that comes to you because of your spirituality or morality or piety or righteousness. No. It is simply a reward for economic value rendered in the market place. Some people wonder why the immoral, unrighteous and vile are rich. Money is not a product of morality. Anybody can attract money as long as they offer economic value.

If you need money and some preacher tells you to sow a seed or give some money in expectation of a financial miracle, that person is deceiving you. Money does not come through sowing seeds or through giving. Money is a reward for the value you render through your work. Expecting money to manifest in your life without working for it is self deception.

Many people pray to find favor without work. They want to experience a financial breakthrough without work. They want God to supply their needs but they don’t want to engage in work. They want people to show them favour but they don’t want to work. It is futile to expect a miraculous financial provision to manifest in your life if you are not willing to work.

Charlatans and fraudsters who parade themselves as pastors and prophets have taught for years that if you want money you should give money. This is unscriptural. Jesus asked Peter to go and work for money. These crooked pastors teach that if you give them money, God will somehow bring money into your life. They say if you seed money into their lives, somehow the money will return to you. But this is deception and people fall for these lies.

People want an easy life. They want to avoid work but somehow get the rewards for work. In Proverbs 6, the bible says that the ants teach us that without work there can be no reward, no progress and no success in life. The sluggard, the lazy will be punished with poverty, shame and failure. The ants teach us that work is the doorway to financial increase. Any other shortcut will only lead to frustration and failure. In fact anybody who teaches you otherwise only wants to steal from you.

There is a location for your work.
Jesus instructed Peter to go to the sea and that is where he should work. He did not send him to the desert, or mountains or even the city. He specified the place. He didn’t tell Peter to ‘Go anywhere’ and he will be successful. He was very specific about where he should go. You cannot go just anywhere and work and expect financial breakthrough in the supernatural dimension. You have to listen to the Holy Spirit and let him guide you to where your treasures await you. There is a geographical location in which your work will blossom, prosper and be productive. You may need to move to a different city from the one you presently live in. Location is important for productivity. People who launch tech companies go to silicon valley in California because that is where such businesses thrive. If you drove through that area all you will see are tech companies. There is a location where your business, your work will thrive. Find it and move there.

Jesus told Peter to go to the sea because Peter was a fisherman and had skills that he could deploy in that sphere of business and be successful. Jesus instructed him to work in an area in which he had been properly trained and was skillful. When Peter got to the sea he knew what to do because he had the skills to work in that sphere of life. If you don’t know what to do where you are, then you are in the wrong area of work. Your work should match your gifts, training and expertise.

God will instruct you to work in an area of your gifting, your area of training, your area of skill. God will guide you into work where you will use a talent, gift and ability you possess to produce results.
Peter obeyed the instructions of the Lord Jesus and went to the sea. He cast his hook into the sea and it caught a fish. He drew out that one fish, opened its mouth and found some money in it. Money is inside the mouth of the fish you catch at your place of work, at the place in which you exercise your gifting, in the place in which you pursue your assignment.

Remember that money is a reward for value. It is a reward for solving problems, bring solutions and making life easy for people. May the Lord guide you to the place in which you will deploy your gifts, skills and abilities to create value, and your value will be rewarded with money.


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2 responses to “How To Work Out Your Financial Miracle

  1. Amen! (God’s guidance is very important)…

  2. mugisha moses

    Very wondaful and i like it

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