Prayer For Financial Release

Prayer For Financial Release.

May MONEY which belongs to YOU by divine right be released to you.
May your money, imprisoned, chained, buried in secret locations, in secret vaults, in secret accounts, by wicked forces and personalities, be RELEASED to you NOW!

May money produced by your
Business, be RELEASED to you NOW.

May the angels of God be unleashed to the four corners of the earth to bring in your financial harvests. May favour fight for you and prevail to cause the manifestation of your financial miracles.


May YOUR MONEY in the pockets of your customers, clients, strangers, friends, enemies, be RELEASED to you.
May those OWING you money be moved to PAY you your money.

May every form of delay and stagnancy be broken over your life. May the Lord Grant You Supernatural movement in the direction of his will, plan and purpose for your life.

May financial doors, opportunities, windows be OPEN to you NOW. May you receive mysterious help to move you forward.

May your ideas take on flesh and become a reality. May your financial dreams manifest through the work of your hands.

May your financial inheritance find you.
May you be led into your wealthy place,
May your be financially productive to the shame of every enemy,

May you shine in the market place, shine on your job, shine in your calling, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.


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7 responses to “Prayer For Financial Release

  1. This article appears very contradictory to earlier posted views. My understanding of your position in financial matters is that it has no spiritual involment and connotation. That you just work hard and the money shows up. This article doesn’t seem to agree. This article gives the impression that there could be hinderances to finances spiritually.

    Please note that you have a lot of admirers and followers who read your posts and get guidance from them. Consistency is very important in order not to mislead.

    An elderly Jewish man once taught that foolish men love women. He taught that women are like “objects” you just place them somewhere when you want you go take them. He submitted that only “weak” men “love” women. He further submitted from the legendary movie of Ten Commandmants where mother of Moses Pharaoh’s daughter said he could have Nafetiti but he must not love her. So many where swayed by this teachings and doctrines and treated their wives very shabbily. When the old man found Christ he started trying to teach that men should love their wives as themselves. Those he had “destroyed” whose marriages had hit the rocks because of the earlier doctrine challenged him and he wasn’t brave enough to apologize that he’d taught the wrong thing all this while.

    Spiritual and Biblical knowledge is fluid and requires the Holy Spirit to Help in deep understanding and discernment. I’ve read several misleading posts and comments I don’t agree with. Kindly ensure sound knowledge and doctrine in these subjects to guide readers accordingly. Thank you.

    • Thank you for your comment. I have been consistent for years. Read my books. Should we pray and demand for what is ours by right? Should we enforce our kingdom authority? Yes. Should we be diligent in our career, business, calling? Yes.

      • dale

        I believe in a spiritual involvement in our financial affairs…..i HAVE LOST ALL MY POSSESSIONS through unnatural circumstances…..I believe that this battle is not against flesh and blood..but against principalities and powers….Only prayer and faith can restore me…if it is God’s Will…

  2. UnderGod

    Dear brother Praise:
    I just recently got acquainted with your write ups. Anointing and Grace be multiplied unto you IJCMN Amen. Two of today’s posts kind of threw me off from what your position is on prosperity preaching. First, your prayers on “financial blessings”, and secondly on giving money to one’s pastor. I’m not sure where you’re based but here in the US, pastors get paid salaries like every worker of labor. Like everybody else, the concept is to not live above their means. Thank you for allowing me to share my thought.

    • Thank you for your comment. The prayer for financial release is demanding for what us yours by right. What you have worked for at your job or business. We have a right to demand for it. This is not greed or covetousness but what is yours by right. If people or an organization is holding back what is hours you can demand for it.
      Giving to the elders who feed us with the word is scriptural. However we should give of our own volition, willingly, not by coercion or manipulation.

  3. bukola

    a resounding Amen to every one of your prayers. I receive my financial release and prosperity in Jesus name. amen. Thank you, sir for this spirit led prayers.

  4. John Kisembo

    Thanks pastor George for these words of inspiration my God bless you more. Am also blessed with.

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