The City of Cain.

In Genesis 4:16-17, we read that Cain left the presence of God and he built a city.

After murdering his brother who was a true worshipper of God, Cain was placed under a curse. This text tells us that Cain a man placed under a curse built a city without the help of God, without the input of God, without the power of God, without the purpose of God.

This city was built in total rebellion to God. This city was built in sin. This city was built out of the will of heaven, yet it was built. This city was built under the influence of a curse, yet it was built.

Saints of God, do not be deceived. There are MANY things a determined man or woman can achieve and accomplish without God. It is not everything we see with the name of God that is done by God. Not every man and woman preaching for God are sent by God. Many have perfected the art of using the name of God to pervert the cause of Christ.

The city built by Cain was not in the agenda of God. It was Cain’s idea. It was Cain’s desire. It was Cain’s dream. It was driven by self, driven by the flesh, driven by pride, driven by the desire to make a name for himself, driven by forces within him opposed to the will of God. Yet, it was built, completed and inhabited.

Many of the ministeries who have big names, big buildings, lots of money, multitudes of members and private jets are cities built by Cain. They do not represent the Cause of Christ in any way, neither so they promote the Cross of Christ. These ministries and their leaders do not serve the purposes of God, they serve mammon, the god of money who is instigating, encouraging and sponsoring them to build cities which represent rebellion against the will of God.

These men and women operate from a compromised theology which supports their rebellion to God. These men and women do not serve our Lord Jesus Christ. They serve their lusts, they serve their insatiable desires for material things, they serve their master mammon.

They do not hide the fact that mammon is their god and they will do anything to appease mammon, anything to make sure that the will, purpose and agenda of mammon is established in the earth through their ministries.

These are enemies of the cross Of Christ, who use their titles, names and fame to pervert the cause of Christ, who manipulate the gullible and the ignorant with sweet sounding motivational nonsense, who teach lies in order to enrich themselves.

These are men and women will fight to keep the saints in the dark, keep the saints in bondage as slaves working for them to build their personal kingdoms in which they act like dictators: feared, revered and worshipped like idols, whose words cannot be disobeyed, debated, questioned or contravened, who project themselves to be all knowing and all powerful, who threaten the saints with curses, spells and evil omens. These are men and women who act like witch doctors, satanic agents, instruments of darkness, twisting scriptures to dispossess the saints from their money in the name of tithes, first fruits, last fruits, etc. These are enemies of the purposes of God for our generation. These are men and women who are slaves to their lusts, pursuing their own agendas.

Many saints are trapped in the cities of Cain disguised as churches, sprewn across major cities of the world, networked and knit together by a common cause to serve mammon. Many have been hypnotized and turned into drones, mindless zombies who refuse to think, who refuse to question the heretic teachings of their celebrity pastors, who give up all their money and possessions to these compromised men and women to build more cities of Cain.

May the Lord in his infinite mercy deliver his saints from bondage to the cities of Cain.


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  1. Uncle Jim

    Well written sir, I used to think that there is no one that would see the ruse of those ‘cities of cain’ and warn men.

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