When Music is Weaponized For Manipulation.


The manipulation begins with entertainment camouflaged as ‘worship.’ You will notice that the ministry has spent a fortune on acquiring musical instruments, night club lighting and amassing mecenary singers and musicians, to entertain the crowd and work them up until they are drained emotionally, too tired to think, too zoned out to resist the mind games and hypnotic suggestions that would soon follow.

Music has been weaponized by wolves to attack the minds of the gullible and leave them open to mass hypnosis and systematic manipulation to dispossess them of their money, to control their thinking and hold captive their future.

Music never played a major role in the new testament. Paul, Peter, Philip and all the Apostles preached the word and walked in the supernatural power of God and music was never mentioned in relation to the ministry of the word. All believers are encouraged to worship God in spirit and in truth, lifting up holy hands in prayer, not with loud sounding music and club lighting designed to weaken the mind, leaving it defenceless, making it completely porous to deception, susceptible to hypnosis and new age manipulation.

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  1. Chris

    Thank you very much for disclosing the truth. That’s the inspiration we need in this new age movement. only the truth shall set us free

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